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Irrespective of the location a company looks to expand to, one thing remains the same—customer service is the key to a thriving business. Customers around the globe expect easy and direct communication with the businesses they buy from. Other challenges such as cultural difference can equally present a challenge.

In Saudi Arabia, as an example, negotiations are complicated and often quite lengthy. The interested party is expected to stay vigilant and be available whenever the other party is ready to strike a deal. The question is, how can businesses that do not have a direct means of communication hope to fare well in this strict business environment?

At Global Call Forwarding, we help businesses hoping to set up shop in Saudi Arabia by providing Saudi Arabia local numbers and advanced call forwarding services. This in turn leads to exceptional customer service and a better business outcome for the interested party. Developing a strategic communication plan and establishing a framework that supports that goal is the key to gaining access to Saudi Arabia’s unique marketplace.

To better understand the expectations for businesses in Saudi Arabia, let’s dive a bit deeper into this Kingdom’s economy and business practices. Next we’ll look at how Saudi Arabia local numbers can prove beneficial for virtually any business.

The Saudi Arabia Economy – A Kingdom Full of Potential

Saudi Arabia sits on the Arabian Peninsula and has positioned itself as one of the world’s leading oil-based economies. The Kingdom’s government imposes strong restrictions on economic activities, and holds most of the power in the regulation of oil production and corresponding reserves. Today, Saudi Arabia is home to 16 percent of the world’s petroleum reserves and is the leading exporter of petroleum.

The Saudi Arabian economy relies on the petroleum sector for 42 percent of its GDP and 90 percent of its export earnings. However, the government is interested in investing in the private sector. Recognizing the weakness and potential concerns over a strictly oil-based economy, Saudi Arabia is seeking to diversify its economy despite challenges. For example, over 6 million foreign workers hold jobs in the private sector. The government wants to change that and start employing its growing youth population. A lack of education and technical skills and knowledge of private sectors contribute to the unemployment rate for these youth.

Room for growth in the private sectors such as healthcare, construction, real estate, and the banking industry create potential that many overseas companies like to see. The United States, France, Japan, Kuwait, and the U.A.E. are the top countries investing in Saudi Arabia, and businesses from these locations make a significant portion of the GDP the Kingdom state enjoys.

Unfortunately, a dampening oil market is leading to serious budget deficits for Saudi Arabia. The government is seeking new ways to generate revenues, which has led to more investment in private companies. Businesses specializing in construction, real estate, chemicals, transport and communication have a customer base already waiting for them in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Local Numbers Explained

Businesses in need of a strong local presence in Saudi Arabia need a clear communication strategy. One method to consider is buying Saudi Arabia local numbers. Local numbers correspond to a unique city or area in Saudi Arabia and are then virtually forwarded elsewhere.

At Global Call Forwarding, we help businesses and individuals connect to people in specific regions of Saudi Arabia with Saudi virtual phone numbers that originate in an isolated location. Contacts and customers in Saudi Arabia can use these local numbers to connect with foreign businesses located around the world. All they have to do is dial the selected number and we do all the work.

How Businesses benefit from Saudi Arabia local Numbers

Buying local numbers benefits small and large businesses alike. Doing business in Saudi Arabia can be tricky, especially when it comes to cultural differences. However, one fact remains regardless of the location—customers and contacts appreciate direct communication that doesn’t come with added fees. Saudi Arabia local numbers provide that exact service.

When an individual calls a local phone number in Saudi Arabia, they don’t have to dial a complicated country call, add the international prefix, or area code. All they have to do is dial the local number and that call is then forwarded to the number chosen by the business, anywhere in the world.

Another benefit is marketability. Local numbers are much easier to market to a local target audience. Saudi Arabia local numbers can be displayed on various marketing materials and also given to contacts to make doing business that much easier.

Other uses for local numbers include forwarding calls to call centers, customer service departments, and customer support offices to keep customers in Saudi Arabia happy. This can be used for large and small businesses alike and in turn save companies on the high costs of opening up business in Saudi Arabia. Outsourcing work to a more affordable country, like India for example, saves a business on labor costs and local numbers make it free for customers to communicate with various customer support teams.

Exploring new markets can be both challenging and expensive, but Saudi Arabia local numbers can take the sting out of marketing costs. Before opening up business in this foreign nation, businesses should explore advanced communication options such local numbers, international call forwarding, and online control panel management systems. The result is a better ran business and improved communication.

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