Seasoned business owners will agree international markets are not for the faint of heart. With new marketplaces come new challenges, custom barriers, and even policy restrictions. For those interested in doing business in Canada, for example, challenges such as developing a local presence can create long term problems if they are not addressed up front.

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At Global Call Forwarding, we assist companies in building a foundation for offering their services in Canada through communication. We provide Canada toll free numbers that enable them to connect with customers and contacts throughout the region. Understanding the global telecommunications environment is imperative for any foreign business hoping to improve their brand in Canada. Through our toll free numbers and advanced call forwarding services, we enable businesses of all sizes to establish themselves while building long term credibility.

Before opening business in Canada, however, it is important to thoroughly investigate its economic climate and traditions. To do so, let’s take a look at the country’s economic structure and what businesses small and large can expect from doing business there.

Canada’s Economy – Where Foreign Businesses Stand

Among the largest economies in the world, Canada holds the 15th spot. As an extremely wealthy nation, it also so happens to be a member of the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) and is a member of the Group of Seven (G7). Like many other developed countries, Canada is propelled by the service industry. More than three quarters of its population is employed in a service-related job.

What is unique about Canada’s economy, however, is its primary sector. That sector includes the logging and oil industries. Logging and oil are a major factor for Canadians and the Canadian economy. Manufacturing too is extremely important, and dominates much of the economy. Additionally, the Central Canada based automobile industry plays a major role in economic affairs by bringing in billions in revenue every year. The aircraft industry also supports the local economy of central Canada. Some commercial fishing also supports the Canadian economy, since Canada has the largest commercial fishing and seafood market of any other country.

Thanks to the aforementioned sectors, Canada has a strong per capita income rate, and healthy trade relations. These factors continue to encourage new businesses from foreign countries to do business in Canada. To establish a credible and professional business in Canada, the first step is to build a local presence. This can be done with Canada toll free numbers. Let’ s learn more about what they are and how they work.

What are Canada Toll Free Numbers?

Canada toll free numbers are phone numbers that enable businesses to choose a telephone number located in a separate call area in a different geographical location. These numbers give businesses the opportunity to add new telephone numbers to their phone line, eliminating the restriction of having only one or two numbers for their business.

Toll free numbers are free of charge for customers or contacts calling the number. For businesses, toll free numbers create a single line of communication that can be forwarded to call centers in India or other more affordable labor markets, without taking away from the localized presence of a toll free number.

Customers can enjoy direct access to the business or call center via Canada toll free numbers without paying for international call fees. Complicated foreign dialing codes are eliminated, and businesses never miss a beat.

Put simply, Canada toll free numbers allow businesses to communicate quickly and clearly with their customers.

How Businesses Benefit from Toll Free Numbers

Businesses benefit in a variety of ways from using Canada toll free numbers. First, toll free numbers maximize advanced technology that enables clean, clear, and error free communication no matter their location in the world. Businesses that are interested in branding themselves from a professional standpoint, need to engage their audience quickly and a local presence via a toll free number aids in that process. Canada toll free numbers create a professional image that reflects positively on the business itself.

Companies that invest in Canada toll free numbers create a broader method of communication that their customers and contacts appreciate. Companies that own or operate in the US, for example, might want a Canada toll free number to make sure their customers can easily call them without worry of expensive fees or limited access to customer service.

In addition to benefiting from a professional image and instant connectivity with customers in Canada, businesses that purchase Canada toll free numbers can also enjoy a host of advanced features. At Global Call Forwarding, we provide simultaneous ringing, local ring back tones, and premium 24/7 call support and more. Adding additional lines is also made easy, so businesses are never limited to just one number.

Doing business in Canada can be a challenge at first, but with Canada toll free numbers, business can breeze into the new marketplace and create an instant connection with would-be customers and business contacts.