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What Is a Shared Cost Phone Number?

Shared cost numbers are premium international phone numbers from specific countries like the UK, China, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands. These numbers can also be referred to as national numbers, non-geographic numbers, or international shared cost numbers (ISCN).

How Do Shared Cost Numbers Work?

Shared cost numbers work using shared-cost service. Shared cost is a type of telephone service where charges are shared between the caller and number subscriber.

These numbers are charged at a higher rate than regular numbers. However, call rates are often lower because the costs are divided between the end consumer and the subscriber.

Benefits of International Shared Cost Numbers

This number type has some benefits compared to regular numbers. The main reason why a business would choose an international shared cost number is that they are not able to provide the local documentation that is required. The second most common reason is greater accessibility.

There are, however, many other benefits to using shared cost numbers and shared-cost service:

  • Easier documentation requirements
  • Excellent in-country coverage from most networks and mobile phones
  • National presence
  • Professional look and feel

For these reasons, many businesses prefer shared cost numbers instead of other number types.

Who Can Call My Shared Cost Number?

Shared cost numbers are generally accessible country-wide. They are usually reachable from mobile phones and payphones anywhere in the world. Unlike toll-free numbers, international shared cost numbers can be dialed from other countries.

Callers to these numbers usually incur negligible costs related to the call connection and usage fees. However, each carrier around the world is responsible for this pricing. This means that pricing can vary when someone calls your shared cost phone number.

You should speak with local carriers to determine these charges.

How to Get a Shared Cost Number

Sign up for an international shared cost number directly on our website. We have a huge inventory of shared cost numbers available from many countries around the world. Simply visit our pricing page and fill out the form to get started today.

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