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Global business phone service designed to meet the specific communication needs of different industries and departments.

Explore our IT-approved voice solutions for healthcare, technology and software, financial services, travel, sales, support, and more.

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Industry Call Center Solutions

Leading Companies Across Different Industries Choose Global Call Forwarding

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Financial services

Set up a VoIP phone system to enhance your business’ internal-external communications while improving caller experience and customer satisfaction.


Ensure patients and care teams can contact your organization at all times with a cloud communication solution designed for reliability and security.

Software & Technology

Improve operational efficiency and centralize your business communications through an intuitive business phone service with 99.999% uptime.

Travel & Hospitality

Use local and toll-free phone numbers as your contact numbers to offer travelers and passengers a free way to call your agency from any location.

“We are very happy with the service and use of the toll free numbers. We have had no complaints regarding the service. If there is ever an issue with the service, we contact the team immediately and they resolve the issue within 15 minutes. We see ourselves using the service for a long time.”
— José Reyes, Network & IPT Administrator, Novartis
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Streamlined call management
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Easily add or remove business phone numbers, adjust routing rules, change your forward-to number, view call detail records and voicemail transcripts, reach live technical support 24/7, contact your account manager, and much more in just a few clicks.

Phone System for Your Teams

Local and International Businesses Use Global Call Forwarding for Their Teams

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Sales & Lead Gen

Use cloud telephony to handle all inbound and outbound sales calls from one platform. Power your global sales teams with phone numbers from 160+ countries.

Customer Support

Never miss a call from customers and improve caller experience by using international call forwarding and routing rules like time-based, caller ID routing, etc.

IT & Operations

Integrate our service with your existing communication and CRM infrastructure. Forward incoming calls to SIP addresses, phone numbers, PBX system, etc.

“Real people. Real human service. Super easy to deal with. Every request is dealt with quickly and correctly. Could not rate them highly enough for global phone solutions.”
— Miranda Turner, Sales Director - International Markets, MGI Golf,
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