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How to Get A US Phone Number

Looking to enter the US market from outside the country but don’t know where to start? First, create a communication channel between you and your customers and build on from there. Here we will look at how to get a US phone number from outside the US in order to offer sales and customer support to this part of the world.

Why Your Business Needs a US Phone Number

Are you running a business outside of the US and want to enter the US market? Then, you should consider getting a US phone number from outside the US. Businesses from around the world that want to include US customers within their customer base and offer sales and customer support to these customers can do so with a US phone number.

You can get a virtual US toll free number or a local phone number for a specific state, city, or region. A virtual US phone number can route incoming calls from the US to your business headquarters or an office elsewhere. This is done via international call forwarding. As such, when your US customers call your toll free or local US phone number, they will not pay international calling rates. Instead, they will pay nothing (when calling a toll free number) or local calling rates (when calling a local number). This encourages customers to reach out to your business for its services.

Benefits of Getting a US Phone Number

For any business looking to expand to the US, the first thing that needs to be done is building a strong communication system. Using a virtual US phone number for your foreign business has many advantages. Among these are:

  • You can enter the US market and offer sales and customer support to locals.
  • US customers do not have to pay international calling rates.
  • US customers can connect with your business easily, even if you are located outside the US.
  • Your company appears as a legitimate international business with a base in the US.
  • US customers will feel encouraged and less hesitant to answer calls from recognizable US phone numbers as opposed to international, unknown numbers.
  • Your business can take advantage of additional and advanced communication features such as call forwarding, call recording, SMS and fax forwarding, IVR systems, and more.

How to Get a US Phone Number from Outside the US

So, how can your foreign business get a US phone number and use it? Follow these steps:

Step 1
Research and find a virtual phone service provider offering virtual US phone numbers such as toll free and local numbers. Before choosing a provider, review the product, compare different providers, study customer reviews and testimonials, browse through their features and services, and review the plans offered. All of this can help you find the ideal provider for your business needs and budget.

Global Call Forwarding has a large inventory of virtual US phone numbers including toll free, local, and mobile numbers. We also offer five different virtual phone number plans for our US phone number plans, starting at $7.95 per month.

Step 2
If you choose Global Call Forwarding, you can sign up for a US phone number plan through our homepage. On the top-left dropdown box, select the country ‘United States (+1)’ and the number type you want (toll free, mobile, or local). Then, from the next dropdown box, select your new US phone number.

Step 3
Next, from the right dropdown box, select the country and enter the number you want to route your incoming calls to.

Step 4
Add additional and optional features and services to your plan. Global Call Forwarding offers:

Step 5
Complete your purchase and wait to hear from customer service. Soon, you will be able to use your US phone number from outside the US.

Why Global Call Forwarding is the Best Option to Get a US Phone Number

Purchasing a US phone number can help your business reach US customers and increase global sales. Your business can gain an international reputation and credibility, which can bring in more customers. Therefore, choosing the right provider for your business phone number is crucial. So, why choose Global Call Forwarding?

Global Call Forwarding — and its parent company United World Telecom — has provided businesses around the world international phone numbers and virtual communication features since 1996. As such, this telecom company understands the industry and customer expectations thoroughly. Our 24/7 dedicated customer support and account management team is available for anything you need; from finding the right plan to creating a robust communication system for your business.

Get a US Phone Number from Outside the US Today!

If you are ready to extend your services to the US and grow your business internationally, then sign up today! You can browse through our inventory and purchase a phone number online or speak with our representatives at 1 (888) 908 6171!