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How to Get A US Phone Number

Do you have a business? If yes, you most likely need to reach more people throughout the world in order to get more international customers. There may also be the potential of customers working with your business simply because you have a US phone number, which is an indicator of your business being an international one, with multiple locations.

No matter what your reason for getting a US phone number, you need to know all the details as to how to do it, and why it can be so beneficial. Keep reading to learn more!

What is a USA Phone Number?

USA phone numbers are phone numbers in the US that your customers can call, even if your main branch or office is not located in the US. This can be ideal for businesses who would like to become recognized in the US market. Some customers from the US tend to be wary of international businesses, and even suspicious of foreign numbers. They assume that the business is not credible in supplying their needs, and because it may be foreign, they fear the international call charges. By having US phone numbers, you will allow your US customers to feel more comfortable when transacting with your business.

The best thing about having a US phone number is that it is highly cost-effective. It is so affordable that even if your business is small, you will not have to invest heavily to be able to afford a US phone number. The best advantage is that you will not need to undergo a complicated process to get a US phone number; it is incredibly easy.

Is A US Phone Number Advisable for Small Businesses?

Businesses that are just starting out may be a bit hesitant to get a US phone number because of the assumption that having one is more ideal for medium to large businesses. No matter what the current size of your business is, however, there are advantages from having a US number. You will realize that expanding your business to the US or any chosen country does not need to be expensive and complicated. Setting up a number is a breeze; it takes just minutes!

Some Notable Features

  • What exactly will you get when you decide to get a USA phone number? Here are some details:
  • Phone management packages that will allow you to manage your calls without incurring high charges.
  • You will be able to accommodate and answer calls from your customers in a faster amount of time.
  • You can improve overall customer service.

When customer satisfaction is high, expect that your customers will trust your business more, and be happy to continue working with you. Your new customers will be returning customers and your sales will increase as a result. Consider it beneficial as a long-term investment; the effort you spend to gain new customers goes a lot farther if they continue doing business with you over a longer period of time.

How to Activate Your US Phone Number

Have you decided that getting a US phone number is the best option for your business? If you answered yes, then you need to know how to activate it. Here are the steps:

  • Step 1. Access the signup form.
  • Step 2. Choose “USA” from the list of accessible international area codes.
  • Step 3. Input the number that your US number will be routed to.
  • Step 4. Provide contact information and add to cart.

Trial Period for a US Phone Number

If you would like to get a US phone number to try it out before purchasing, you can choose to have a trial first. You will get to test out your US phone number and if you are satisfied with the many conveniences and options it avails, you will have the option to keep the phone number.

Here are the steps to get a US phone number:

  1. Choose the plan that will best fit your business. Always consider the amount that you have to pay plus the features that the plan offers.
  2. Pay for the plan through the checkout process.
  3. Start using it.

Benefits of Having A US Phone Number

Still not convinced on why you should buy a US phone number? If you want to expand your business and reach more people in the US, these are some of the benefits you will gain from offering a US number for your business:

  1. Consider the power of maintaining the impression that your business is an international one, with multiple locations, including one in the US. This can help you not just in the US, but in your own local area as well, as it asserts that your business is global.
  2. Aside from having an actual US number, it may coincide with other phone features that will be vital for your business. For example, the plan may also offer call forwarding services so you can receive calls from your customers even when you are not in office. With simultaneous ringing, you can also forward calls to more than one number so that customers will be always be able to reach someone from your company.
  3. It is incredibly simple to have a US number. You do not have to set up multiple offices with phone lines in various parts of the world just to receive calls from your customers in specific locations. Even if there are different numbers, they will all be directed to the phone of your choice; whether it’s an office line or your mobile phone.
  4. No paying for setup fees! One misconception many business owners have is that they assume they will have to pay for setting up their US phone numbers. However, when you work with Global Call Forwarding, there is no setup fee!
  5. Activation is easy. Those who have tried it say that they normally start receiving calls for their new number within 5 minutes. Just imagine how much this will change your business and your availability to customers.

If for some reason you find you are unhappy with the services you are receiving, or you think that a US phone number is not needed by your business, you can easily cancel your subscription.

Global Call Forwarding offers USA call forwarding in addition to numbers from many different parts of the world. You can simply choose the country you wish to do business within, and you can start getting calls from customers in various countries quickly and easily, making US phone numbers a very good option for your business if you wish to begin expanding in the US!