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How Do VoIP Phone Systems Work?

VoIP phone systems use voice over IP to transmit voice calls via an internet connection. They are also known as cloud phone systems and hosted phone systems. VoIP systems are, therefore, cloud-based phone solutions that can be used from any location and device. No on-site hardware or extra equipment needed. Manage communications efficiently by taking your phone system to the cloud!

Affordable Pricing for Businesses of All Sizes

Choose from five different pricing plans that come with included minutes and a wide set of features. You can add premium features and add-ons, as needed. Ask about our flexible payment options to find one that works for you.

Connect and Communicate from Anywhere

Global Call Forwarding’s VoIP phone system lets your business stay connected from any location and device. Use our service over computers, laptops, deskphones, or smartphones. Keep remote and global teams connected and working efficiently, and offer global support to customers around the world. All without paying high international or long-distance calling fees!

Top Features of a Cloud Phone System

Our VoIP phone system comes with a variety of features and call management tools to help you organize your business calls and improve customer service. We offer:

check Cloud Phone Numbers
Use multiple local and international toll free phone numbers to expand your customer base and global coverage.
check International Call Forwarding
Forward calls internationally from one location to another. Reach customers in different countries.
check Advanced Call Routing
Route calls to different locations and employees based on predetermined rules.
check Hosted Call Recording
Record and store incoming and outgoing calls for quality assurance, insurance, and performance analysis.
check Outbound Calling Service
Call customers in different countries with custom caller IDs to match the location.
check Softphone
Install our softphone app on any device and start making and answering business calls from that device.

Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

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The main reasons why businesses are switching to the cloud for storage and communication needs are to reduce costs and increase productivity. When you choose a cloud or VoIP phone system, you get:

  1. Superior call management tools at your fingertips - Choose from our range of cloud communication tools and create a phone system that works best for your business.

  2. Global customer support options - Route calls to employees and offices in different regions and time zones to offer customers 24/7 support. Considering using a follow the sun support model to meet your customers wherever they are.

  3. 24/7 reliable customer support Need help? Our customer support teams and account managers are available 24/7, no matter where you are. Our customers love us for our responsive support. See what they have to say!

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