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What to Look for in a CallHippo Alternative

CallHippo is a cloud-based phone service providing businesses local and toll-free phone numbers. They offer a variety of features and integrations that enhance internal and external office communication.

One of the top CallHippo alternatives, Global Call Forwarding, offers cloud communication solutions to global businesses in more than 160 countries. We offer a variety of easily customizable features, so you can personalize your business phone system. Our clients include multinational corporations, contact centers, financial services, healthcare, and more.

Here is what you should look for when considering an alternative to CallHippo:

*Note: Costs and information mentioned in this article are current at the time of publishing and may be subject to changes.

1. Extent of Coverage

CallHippo has coverage in about 60 countries around the world. In comparison, Global Call Forwarding offers services in more than 160 countries, including remote and hard-to-reach countries where toll-free numbers are not available. Many businesses use our Toll Free FlexDial solution to connect with customers in rural and remote regions.

View our Country Coverage page to see the extent of our global voice coverage.

2. Responsive Customer Support

An important aspect when choosing a new business service provider is the quality of their customer support. You want a provider that is accessible and easy to contact. CallHippo does not have a contact number displayed on their website. So, you will have to contact them via email or chatting online.

Global Call Forwarding offers various contact methods, including phone, email, chat, and trouble tickets. And you will always interact with a live human on the other side, no robots. We are known for our responsive customer support; read what our customers have to say.

3. CallHippo Pricing Model

CallHippo charges on a “per user per month” plan like most VoIP providers, with other premium services at additional costs. However, some providers like Global Call Forwarding only charge per month, reducing your overall monthly bill. Global Call Forwarding’s plans are straightforward and you will be notified of the rates before you make your decision.

Choosing the Right CallHippo Alternative

With any new product or service you are going to invest in, it is important to take into account reviews, testimonials, comparisons, and alternatives. Conduct thorough research to ensure you decide on a service that is ideal for your business needs. Above all, communication matters immensely, and it is important to trust your provider; choose wisely!

CallHippo vs Global Call Forwarding

CallHippo Global Call Forwarding
Lowest plan $16 / month per user $7.95 / month
Number of plans available 4 5
International numbers offered 60+ countries 160+ countries
Free Trial Yes Yes

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