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9 Benefits of Advanced Call Routing

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Improving caller experience goes a long way in retaining existing clients and attracting new customers to your business. But how can you make it so callers don’t have a hard time reaching your business and getting answers? Here we highlight the various benefits of an advanced call routing service so you can make your business reachable and reliable to your local and global customers.

How Can Advanced Call Routing Support Your Business?

Advanced call routing gives businesses an array of routing options to choose from. These are smart call routing strategies designed for optimal efficiency. Whether you have offices and employees in multiple locations or want to cater to global customers who call during off-hours, you can route business calls to multiple locations, lines, or numbers in a way that ensures no calls go unanswered and that all callers reach the right department at the right time.

Here are the key benefits of using an advanced call routing service.

1. Help Callers Reach the Right Employee

With smart call routing, your system that routes calls can identify the purpose of the call by asking questions and providing the caller with different menu options. Then, the automated system transfers the caller to the right department, employee, or agent for assistance. With this, you can:

  • Connect callers with agents within their time zone or location, and
  • Connect callers with employees they have previously interacted with

Doing so ensures smooth transfers and enhanced customer experience. Customers can connect with the employee best-suited to assist them in making a purchase or resolving an issue, without any hurdles.

2. Reduce Wait Times and Call Abandonment Rates

With advanced call routing, you can route and ring calls on multiple phones simultaneously. Or, you can ring calls sequentially down a predetermined list of employees; when one is busy, the call moves to the next in line. This increases the chances of the caller connecting with an employee quickly which reduces wait times. Additionally, the less time a caller spends waiting in a call queue means they are less likely to abandon a call. This means callers are getting their queries resolved quickly — probably during the first call — leading to higher customer satisfaction scores.

3. Reduce the Number of Missed Calls

Since you can route calls to different locations and offices, you may choose to forward calls coming in outside of business hours to remote agents or employees in other locations and time zones. This way, callers still get support and your employees do not have to work odd shifts or work overtime. And by ensuring that callers connect with someone — even during off-hours — you can reduce the number of calls missed or unanswered.

4. Adopt a Follow the Sun Support Model

Whether you are a big multinational company or a small business wanting to extend services to neighboring countries and regions, follow the sun routing will help you offer 24/7, round-the-clock support — even if your business is not located around the globe. You can make your business reachable to customers and callers, no matter where they are, by routing incoming calls to your business locations and remote agents in different regions and time zones.

5. Provide Global Customer Support

Part of any global customer support strategy is to make your business available to your customers wherever they are. You can do so by opening different field offices in key target markets and locations. Or, by offering multichannel customer support that is monitored 24/7 via live chat, phone, email, etc.

In the same vein, advanced call routing with international call forwarding allows you to forward incoming calls from one location to another without worrying about international calling fees. And you can route these calls to specific offices or multiple locations, as needed. Together, these services can improve the way your business offers support to global customers.

6. Offer Voicemail and Self-Service Options

If your employees or agents are busy and callers are left waiting, offer them voicemail and self-service options. Let callers opt-out of the IVR system and leave a voicemail with contact information. This way, as soon as an agent is available, they can call the customer back and the customer does not have to wait on the phone.

You may even let your callers know, via pre-recorded messages, that they can submit a ticket, or check out your online support guide. These are self-service options they can use to get assistance quickly on their own, without having to talk to a rep on the phone. In fact, you can even design your IVR system to offer troubleshooting help and answers to common questions. The advanced routing system will send callers to the right pre-recorded message based on their input.

7. Add Custom Greetings and Messages

As customers navigate your IVR system, inform them of new features and services, company information and updates, and so on with pre-recorded messages (human, not automated). You can use custom greetings for certain groups of customers (predetermined by the number they call from), holiday greetings for big holidays, and so on. This makes your business appear more human rather than having just an automated response on the phone.

8. Balance Out Employee Workload

By routing calls effectively, you can distribute the workload among your employees. This way, no single employee is inundated with numerous calls and responsibilities while others stay idle. Balancing the workload will enable your business to manage high call volumes more efficiently.

9. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Finally, all of the these strategies, benefits, and use cases help your business offer better customer support. And when you offer reliable and responsive support, you increase customer satisfaction and gain more loyal customers.

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