Contact Center Integrations

Deliver better results by connecting all essential business tools in one place.

contact center integrations
contact center integrations

What are Contact Center Integrations?

Contact center integrations allow businesses to link their phone system to other business applications and software. This way, you can connect your business phone service to your CRM or help desk software and vice versa. Businesses of every size can use contact center integrations to improve internal collaboration and efficiency by automating and optimizing secondary tasks and cutting down time spent on repetitive tasks.

Quick Access to Essential Business Tools

You can build a wholesome business communication system that works alongside other business applications with contact center integrations. Access all vital customer information in one place by connecting and integrating your tools. You can get started in just a few steps.

Types of Cloud Contact Center Integrations

PBX Integrations – Connect our service with your existing system like Genesys, 3CX, FreePBX, etc.

CRM Integrations – Click to call and screen pop features with CRM integrations like Salesforce, Zoho, and Zendesk.

Help Desk Integrations – Drive better employee-customer interactions with screen pops that provide essential caller information.

Cloud Voice APIs – Integrate our voice services within your business system with a simple interface.

Benefits of Contact Center Integrations

Use contact center integrations to understand the customer journey better and improve CX by making your internal processes more efficient. Here are the top benefits of integrating your phone system with other business applications:

check Increased internal collaboration
Help local and remote teams stay connected and work effortlessly.
check Enterprise-level functionality
Gain access to tools and features that fit your budget and needs.
check Unified communications
Centralize communication and information for quick access and faster resolutions.
check Improved efficiency and productivity
Reduce time spent on searching and hunting down information by connecting applications.
check Customer journey management
Improve caller experience and customer satisfaction by being prepared to assist them.
check Access to advanced call features
Improve call management with click-to-call, softphones, advanced routing, and more.

Contact Center Integration Use Cases

There are a few different ways you can use contact center solutions to automate and optimize how your business communicates with its customers. Note that these use cases vary based on the type of integration and application used.

  • Use your cloud phone service through your existing PBX system, no need for additional or new hardware or equipment.
  • Make customer calls from your CRM with click-to-call instead of searching for the number and dialing manually.
  • Softphones that let users make and receive calls when integrated within other applications.
  • Answer customer calls within the Help Desk software with screen pops that provide context about the call (caller name, trouble ticket information, account number, reason for calling, etc).
  • Link call recordings with the associated trouble ticket within the help desk software.
  • Maintain business continuity with emergency call routing and forwarding features.
  • Get call detail records and call activity reports.<./li>

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