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Key Facts About Thailand

Thailand is a land of beautiful beach resorts and vegetation-covered mountains with incredible views. In fact, Thailand is home to some of the most diverse landscapes found anywhere. In the same country you can discover coral reefs in a tropical ocean as well as exotic jungle sceneries. An average of 6,000,000 tourists flock to Thailand every single year for these attractions and more.

With a population of about 70 million people, the number of Thailand residents grows every year. The climate is known for, of course, being tropical. Warm and rainy from May to September, then dry and cool from November to March. The southern parts of Thailand are usually always humid and hot.

This country shares borders with Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia. It’s also probably most known for its capital city Bangkok, which is also its largest city. Individuals and families both can enjoy elaborate architecture, shopping opportunities, and historical attractions that are fit for everyone. For all these reasons and more, first-timers are guaranteed to have a memorable trip for years to come.

Thai Culture

Thailand is traditionally a Buddhist nation, and there was a time in Thai history when all men had to become Buddhist monks for even a short portion of their lives, before the age of 20. As one of the most significant tourist draws in all of Thailand, there are 35,000 temples located throughout the country, and Thailand is considered a land of temples. Many tourists come to Thailand to experience this deeply-embedded spirituality within the culture, and many are forever changed by the continuous presence of kindness found among the Thai people.

Thailand is also known for its cuisine, which is celebrated throughout the world for its aromatic ingredients, unique blending of flavors, and rich curries. In Thailand, street food is celebrated as some of the finest food, and the most famous Thai dish, Pad Thai, is highly coveted.

Business Prospects and Economy

Entrepreneurs seeking lucrative opportunities find Thailand to be a great place to start. Their economy is the second-largest in Southeast Asia, after Indonesia. Import and export is especially profitable as well as sectors in the service and industrial areas.

To begin with, foreigners need to set up the right legal structure and fulfill the right requirements. This includes setting up what is called a Private Limited Company in Thailand. There needs to be a certain number of shareholders, however, they do not need to be citizens of Thailand. Finally, you must be able to register the business for tax purposes within a short period of time so you can have a tax number. There are many online resources that will be able to help you develop your company the correct way to avoid any legal issues.

Exports account for two-thirds of Thailand’s Gross Domestic Product, or GDP. Their economy continues to thrive under current market conditions along with construction, mining, and logistics, as well as other factors. Exports include automobiles, electronics and computers, textiles, footwear, jewelry, and rubber. Rice is another big export out of the country. These goods are mainly delivered to the United States and other Asian countries.

Telecommunications in Thailand

Thailand’s telecommunications market is a mixture of state-owned and private companies that function under a variety of structures. The government has future plans to invest more in telecommunications infrastructure as part of their country’s strategy to increase the economy. They also hope to help more people connect with internet services.

Mobile is more popular than ever before, and Thailand’s reputation with owning mobile devices is no exception. However you should know that many local phone numbers have 7 digits while mobile phone numbers are 8 digits long. It’s also not uncommon to find 6 or even 9 digit numbers as well.

The country calling code is 66. To dial a landline, add a 0 before the local area code. To dial a mobile number, you must add 08. If you are ever in the country and you need help connecting with someone in Thailand, simply dial the international operator at 110. Those who do not have access to a line can use one of their many public phones.

Keep in mind that international calls in and out of Thailand are expensive, so if you are establishing a business and want to reach into the country, you must find a means of cutting costs if you hope to make a profit.

Business Expansion in Thailand

It’s clear that opening offices or a virtual office in Thailand is a smart way to make your organization more global. For instance, you can get local phone numbers for Bangkok, Hat Yai, Udon Thani, and Phuket City in order to give your business a widespread Thai presence. This drastically cuts down on international calls and expands your customer base at the same time.

Global Call Forwarding is a provider of Thailand virtual phone numbers and Thailand toll free numbers with international voice capabilities. Many other features include ringback and call recording to assist you and your business in establishing a solid means of communication.

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