How to Call the United States From Canada

Follow the dialing format while calling United States From Canada.

Below is the dialing procedure to call United States From Canada. You will find information on how to make an international call from Canada to United States fixed line number or mobile number.
To call United States from Canada, dial:
Land Phone Number 1 - Area Code
Mobile Number 011 - 1 - 10 Digit Mobile #
calling from CA
Local time comparison
New York (USA - New York) Monday at 12:00:00 pm
Montreal (Canada - Montreal) Monday at 12:00:00 pm
The US has the same time zones as Canada
calling from CA

Exit Code – This is the code you need to dial OUT from a country. Also known as IDD (International Direct Dialing) code or ISD (International Subscriber Dialing) code.

Country Code – Each country or region is assigned thier individual country code. You will need this code to dial IN to a country. There is a total of 249 codes worldwide. View all Country Codes

Area CodesArea codes define a specific part of a country. This can be a whole city or a general region. Some countries are not big enough to have multiple area codes, so you would simply dial the country code and the direct dial number.

Local Number – This number is the local direct line to a home, business or cellphone.

How To Dial a US Local Number from Canada

Dial 1 – Area Code – xxx-xxx

Example #: Dial 1-305-555-5555

How To Dial a US Toll Free Number from Canada

Dial 1 – Area Code – xxx-xxxx

Example #: Dial 1-866-555-5555

How To Dial a US Mobile Number from Canada

Dial 011 – 1 – 10 – xxx-xxxx

Example #: Dial 1-305-555-5555


United States Information

Canada and United States are part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). All NANP countries have country code 1. The general procedure for calling a NANP country is 1 + Area code (3 digits) + TEL # (7 digit)

ISD Code or Country Code of United States is 1

Area code – There are 291 area codes in United States. If there is an area code, dial area code of the city in United States you are calling after dialing ISD Code. If there is no area code dial the Recipient’s Telephone Number after ISD Code.

US photo

United States Emergency Numbers

911 – Police
911 – Ambulance
911 – Fire
311 – Non-Emergecy
#77 – Highway Patrol from mobile

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How to Get an American Phone Number

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Necessary Items:
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Under the “Select Your New Phone Number” dropdown, select America as the country
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Enter contact info
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F A Q | Call the US from Canada

To call the US from Canada, you will need to dial exit code (011), the US country code (1), the area code and local phone number.

Yes, you can call the US from Canada by dialing the exit code (011), the US country code (1), and the individual or business’ phone number.

Dial the country code of 1, and then the Area Code, followed by the local number xxx-xxx

Dial the country code of 1, and then the Area Code, followed by the local number xxx-xxx

Dial the mobile code of 011 and the country code of 1, and then the Area Code, followed by the local number xxx-xxx Dial 011 - 1 - xxx-xxx-xxxx

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