Get a Brazil phone number in 2023.

Brazil is one of the most vibrant places in Latin America and boasts the largest economy in South America. It has been expanding its international presence in a variety of industrial markets including forestry, agriculture, tourism, tech, and coffee. Brazil is home to the most advanced space station in Latin America, The Brazilian Space Agency.

The country is growing, and now Brazil can offer your business many top-notch opportunities for expansion. With globalization, it is easier than ever to take your business to the international country of your choosing. If you hope to expand your business globally, then consider starting with a Brazil phone number.

More About Brazil Phone Numbers

Brazilian phone numbers are local or toll free numbers with Brazilian area codes that can be forwarded over a cloud-based system to your business lines. These virtual phone numbers allow you to connect with customers overseas with a phone number that locals will trust to answer and not have to pay extra to call.

Brazil phone numbers from Global Call Forwarding also come with a variety of features like call routing, hosted call recording, and simultaneous ring. The best part is that it is simple to set up, and there are virtually no upfront costs.

We can provide the following phone number types from Brazil:

  • Toll-free numbers,
  • Geographic numbers from almost every city in Brazil,
  • Mobile phone numbers that can receive and make calls.

In most cases, your Brazil phone number can be activated right away. We have a huge inventory of Brazil phone numbers that you can choose from when signing up.

Considering Expanding Your Business into Brazil?

In today’s competitive business market, not choosing to go abroad with your products can be a fatal mistake for your business. With all of the tech developments, there isn’t much holding you back from starting or expanding a successful business abroad.

How to Get a Brazil Phone Number from Global Call Forwarding

At Global Call Forwarding, you can boost your business by expanding to places such as Veracruz, Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, and Salvador. No matter where your customers reside in Brazil, you can reach them with a virtual phone number from Global Call Forwarding. GCF also offers international toll free numbers for Brazil and UIFN numbers depending on how large of an audience you want to reach.

How to get a brazil phone number
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Using Virtual Numbers for the Brazilian Market

Having a phone number in Brazil will allow your business to market itself in this country. The first step to establishing your business is providing a number. The next is to begin communication with your Brazilian consumers. These phone numbers will enable your sales team to market your products to the Brazilian residents of the area of your choice in an effective manner.

Communicating with Your Clientele

No matter what the product or service is that you are marketing, it is of utmost importance to establish a rapport with your consumer. A virtual phone number with a Brazilian area code will do just that. Choosing to get a Brazil phone number will allow you to take advantage of many features such as customized greetings, sequential forwarding, and personalized voicemails. Never worry about missing an urgent call because virtual numbers can be used worldwide and through multiple devices. As long as you have a working internet connection, you can stay connected with your Brazilian customers.

Using Your Brazil Phone Number

Brazil virtual phone numbers also work well when you have offices all across the world. Your departments can easily stay synced up and in communication between your offices in America and Brazil.

Brazil Phone Numbers from Global Call Forwarding

If your business needs a virtual phone number, reach out to Global Call Forwarding at 1(888)908-6171. You can also head to our website and choose your package online. We offer packages that range from Basic to Enterprise. You have the option to add rollover minutes, IVR, call recording, and voicemail transcription. You can also make and take phone calls right away because the setup takes only minutes! These numbers will allow your new customers in Brazil to contact your customer support team without incurring massive charges. They will also allow your business to establish a presence overseas by starting with a simple and affordable phone number.

How to Get a Brazil Phone Number

Takes About 1 minute
Here are the steps to getting a Brazil Phone Number
Necessary Items:
Telephone or Computer
image step 1
Go to the prices page
Go to the prices page of our website
image step 2
Select your country
Under the “Select Your New Phone Number” dropdown, select Brazil as the country
image step 3
Select your number type
Depending on whether you wish to purchase a toll free number, a UIFN number, or a number based on geographic location
image step 4
Enter a destination phone number
On the right of the “Select Number Type” area, add your current telephohne number
image step 5
View Rates
Click on “View Rates and Try for Free” to see rates
image step 6
Select a plan & features
Select a plan and any options that you are interested in
image step 7
Enter contact info
Make sure to enter your name and other required information
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Check out and add payment info
Follow through to checkout and select your preferred payment method. Note whether you want to turn the free trial on or off.
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