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Brazil Toll Free Numbers

What is a Brazil Toll Free Number?

Brazil toll free numbers are phone numbers that enable people in Brazil to call you for free. They start with 0800 followed by 7 digits. A toll free number in Brazil is accessible from all landlines and mobile phones in the country.

How Do Brazilian Toll Free Numbers Work?

Toll free numbers in Brazil are easily recognizable because of their toll free prefix, which is 0800. When someone in Brazil calls your toll free number, the phone call is automatically forwarded to your 'destination number'. You can receive the calls anywhere in the world on any device.

Brazil Toll Free Number Format

The Brazil toll free number format includes the international call prefix (+55), the toll free code (0800), and the 4-digit subscriber number:

The Brazil toll free number format is +55 (800) (xxxx)

To call a Brazilian 0800 number from within the country, you can dial the number exactly as it appear. Calls are free within the country. These numbers cannot be dialed from pay phones in Brazil.

Price for Incoming Brazilian Calls

Brazilian people prefer to call 0800 numbers because these types of phone numbers can be dialed for free. Instead, the toll free subscriber gets charged per-minute for all incoming calls to their 0800 number.

Global Call Forwarding has toll free number plans in Brazil starting at $23.95 per month. All plans come with included minutes and an additional per-minute rate. The additional per-minute rates depends on where the calls are being answered.

Global Call Forwarding provides high-quality 0800 numbers in Brazil at affordable rates without commitment.

Service Features

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How Much Do Brazil Toll Free Numbers Cost?

Our pricing is straightforward, with no hidden fees or long-term contracts. Brazil toll free numbers start at $23.95 per month. You can choose any of our five plans that come with included minutes and an additional per-minute rate.

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How to Get a Toll Free Number in Brazil

Getting a Brazilian toll free number from Global Call Forwarding is a fast and easy process. Simply follow these steps to get your new Brazil 0800 number:

  • Select your new 0800 number from our inventory.
  • Enter your destination number or SIP address that you want to receive calls at.
  • Choose a plan and check out.

This is guaranteed to make your business more accessible to callers in Brazil. Your local clients will be able to reach you conveniently.

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Features for Your Business

An image of a Brazil woman using a toll free number.Your new toll free number comes with service features such as IVR, time-of-day routing, simultaneous ring, and much more at no additional cost. These enable businesses to do the following:

  • Instantly gain a presence in Brazil.
  • Easily scale your business.
  • Support local callers in Brazil.
  • Enhance your professional appearance.
  • Simplify your business communications.

Brazil 0800 Number Benefits

Brazil toll free numbers offer multiple advantages to businesses of all sizes. The main benefit is that your business becomes free to call from within Brazil. There are numerous other advantages to getting a Brazilian phone number.

  • Increase customer engagement.
  • Become more accessible to callers in Brazil.
  • Establish a professional appearance.
  • Track marketing campaigns.
  • Scale your growth in Brazil.

Communication is essential for short-term and long-term success in 2021. A Brazil toll free number gives your business the accessibility it needs to succeed in the Brazilian economy.

Brazil Toll Free Numbers for Business Use

Because the toll free subscriber, or owner of the toll free phone number, pays for the phone calls, customers prefer to use local toll free numbers to contact businesses. The customers in Brazil won’t incur any charges when calling your business.

Brazil toll free numbers are therefore valuable business tools as they allow company employees and customers located in Brazil to call the company conveniently, no matter where the business is located.

Included with our call forwarding service is advanced IVR setup – callers can reach different departments through voice navigation or by dialing a different single number extension. These single numbers include, but are not limited to, customer service, billing support, technical support disputes sales, complaints, product, and marketing inquiry.

How Brazil Toll Free Numbers Can Attract Customers?

The instant attraction for “toll free numbers” to potential customers has more power than you know. People know that they can call these numbers at no cost to them, which is an added plus. Therefore, people are more inclined to call and enquire about a business or service, which gives you the opportunity to convert them into customers and promote your brand.

Another benefit of Brazil toll free numbers is that since you are paying for the calls instead of the caller, it gives the admirable impression that you are a company who cares about its potential customers by making the process a no-risk proposition. Getting toll-free numbers for your business is a great way to tell your customers you care.

Brazil Toll Free Phone Numbers From Global Call Forwarding

Brazil toll free phone numbers are excellent for communicating with clients, customers, and associates in Brazil. Contact us today if you would like to get a phone number in Brazil.

F A Q | Brazil Toll Free Numbers

A Brazil toll free number enables callers in Brazil to make calls to it toll free. As a toll free number, callers do not have to pay for the calls. With all toll free numbers, the owner of the number pays for the received calls.

A Brazil toll free number allow callers to reach the owner of the toll free number without paying for the call. Instead, the recipient of the call (the toll free number owner) pays for the received calls.

"If you want to buy a Brazil toll free phone number, you can go to a phone services provider such as Global Call Forwarding. If you want your numbers set up as quickly as possible, this company specializes in the best services at the lowest prices.

To dial a Brazil number from a foreign phone provider, enter a plus sign, then the phone number would look like: +55 12 0099 9999 (no leading zero is needed before the 8). On a mobile phone, holding down the “0” button will allow the plus sign (+) to appear.

Brazil telephone numbers consisted of eight digits (including an area code) for a total of a 10-digit number.

Use your own international dial out code, which is generally 011 in the US or 00 in most other countries, or you can also use the "+" sign and then add 55 for Brazil, finally you remove the first zero if the number indicated contained one.

Brazil uses 128 for standard emergencies, they also use The Universal European Emergency Number of 112

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