how to set up an international call forwarding service

The best way to guarantee great customer service is by setting up an international call forwarding service with Global Call Forwarding. Setting up an international call forwarding service enables companies to establish their virtual presence in specific countries to receive more calls. Free call forwarding will automatically redirect inbound calls from a certain country to your ‘destination’ phone, which can be located anywhere in the world. Setting up an international call forwarding service is one of the best tools to bolster your communication system.

Are you looking to become more accessible over the phone? An international call forwarding service is a great tool for small companies, big enterprises, and multinational organizations. One common use is owning local or toll-free numbers in foreign countries where you have a market. Forward calls from your international toll-free number back to your own landline or cell phone.
What is the biggest advantage of international call forwarding? Your mobile or business phone can be located anywhere in the world.

International call forwarding offers substantial benefits to individuals and firms.

  • Virtual Presence
    International call forwarding can give your business a virtual presence in any country. When you set up call forwarding with international virtual numbers, you automatically establish your presence in that specific country.
  • More Accessible
    Local and toll-free numbers are free and easy to dial. Your business becomes instantly more accessible when you set up an international call forwarding service.
  • More Professional
    Nationwide toll-free numbers are better for your brand. A toll-free number is more professional and easy to remember than traditional phone numbers.

Your business has greater potential when you set up international call forwarding. There is potential for more revenue and larger profits when you become a global business.

How to set up an international call forwarding service

Setting up an international call forwarding service for your business is fast and easy! Global Call Forwarding makes it easy to start forwarding calls internationally.

Global Call Forwarding offers five different plans to choose from, depending on the user’s monthly minute consumption. Choose the right plan for you: Basic, Value, Power, Premium or Enterprise. No contracts mean that you can downgrade or upgrade at any time.

How does international call routing work?

We will give an example to explain how international call routing works. Suppose you operate a hotel based in the United States. Your customer base resides in several countries- Mexico, France, and the UK. You should buy a Mexican local number, a French local number, and a UK local number.

Rather than advertising your US phone number, you can provide the local phone numbers as a point of contact. When a customer in France dials your France local number to book a room, our service will automatically route the call to your telephone in the United States via your local carrier. Customers will appreciate your virtual presence and will be more likely to call your business.

Set up international phone forwarding with advanced features

The toll free forwarding service provided by Global Call Forwarding includes a suite of advanced features to customize your new phone number. The advanced features can easily be modified from an online control panel.

Global Call Forwarding offers extra features such as rollover minutes and call recording at a small additional cost. Call recording is a popular feature in call centers because it allows you to record conversations between customers and agents. The recordings can be played back from your control panel for training and quality assurance purposes. Rollover minutes are also commonly paired with international call forwarding services because it reduces expenses. The rollover minutes feature allows you to roll over your unused minutes from one month to the next.

When you set up an international call forwarding service, there are a variety of features that you can customize so that our service fits your specific business needs. Customize your call forwarding service and forward calls anywhere in the world, however, wherever, and whenever you want!

Global Call Forwarding is a Trusted Brand

Global Call Forwarding strives to provide the best call forwarding service for businesses in 2024. We offer competitive rates and a suite of advanced features that can be managed from an online control panel. In addition, we only utilize Tier 1 networks to deliver unmatched call connection and quality.

Our business is rated A+ by Florida’s Better Business Bureau, and we pride ourselves on delivering a top-notch customer experience. Our international call forwarding service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Get started today with a free trial!

How to set up International Call Forwarding Service

Takes About 1 Minute
Follow this step-by-step guide to set up an international call forwarding service:
Necessary Items:
Computer or Telephone
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Go to our Prices page
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Choose your number
Choose the new phone number that’s right for you and enter your ‘destination’ number
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Select a plan
Select the plan you would like and Add to Cart
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Activate quickly
Your new local or toll free phone number will be activated quickly
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Rates are billed to your account each month
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