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Broward County, located in Florida is second largest county in terms of population and the US’s 17th-most populated county. Fort Lauderdale is its principal city, and it is located close to Miami’s metropolitan area. Its current population stands at 6,012,331 people.

Economy of Broward County

Many local, national, and international businesses are located in Broward County, making it a great location for any company looking to establish a position in South Florida. This county is home to a number of major airlines including Silver Airways, which has its headquarters there. Locair too, is headquartered in Broward. Previously, Chalk’s International Airlines and Bimini Island Air also had their headquarters in Broward County.

When you buy a Broward County phone number, you get to tap into the potential of this thriving business region as it still has room to grow. Florida boasts a very attractive economy, and has no state income tax and overall, Florida and Broward County are doing very well.

Buying a Broward county phone number

A majority of Broward County’s telecom vendors operate in the private sector and exceed the minimum regulatory standard requirements stipulated by Florida State. They have all the top ten requirements for competency and value with a very high degree of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

It is easy to buy a Broward County phone number if you are interested in bringing your company to this growing region. To take advantage of the benefits a Broward County phone number offers,

Global Call Forwarding makes the process of buying one easy. Simply go to their website, select the service you need, comply with the simple and short formalities, make a payment through PayPal or credit card and get a telephone number. It’s that simple.

You will also have the privilege of using VoIP phones, IVR, digital phones, low-voltage wiring, T1 lines, fiber optic-based cabling, and systems with limited energy, if you so choose.

When you buy a Broward County phone number, you get to attract and retain customers in the region with VoIP call forwarding services even if you are located elsewhere. Customers in Broward County pay local call charges when using these virtual numbers, and businesses enjoy better communication no matter where in the world they are. It is also useful to buy a Broward County phone number when you want to do business locally, and want customers to have a simple way of reaching you.

Services offered

When you buy a Broward County phone number, you can rest assured that you will get the highest quality service at an affordable cost. You don’t just buy a Broward County phone number; you get a wide range of services and features with Global Call Forwarding.

There are many advanced features that you enjoy when you buy a Broward County phone number and subscribe to a call forwarding service. Some of these features include:

  • Select country forwarding: When you buy a Broward County phone number, you get the option of select country forwarding where you can forward calls from a specific area code to a specific device. This is helpful when you need to forward callers who don’t speak English to the appropriate call centers.
  • Sequential forwarding: This feature makes sure no call ever goes unanswered. You get to choose a sequence of numbers the calls will be forwarded to when other numbers are busy. For instance, when the first number the call is forwarded to is busy, the call is automatically transferred to the next available line, and so on and so forth. If the call is not answered at all, it is sent to voicemail.
  • Customized greeting: Instead of the same old ringtone, callers get to hear a welcome message that states the name of the company and thanks the caller for making the call. This friendly, professional welcome sets the tone for the rest of the call.
  • API: For more advanced users, there’s the option of Application Programming Interface (API) when they buy a Broward County phone number. API lets businesses forward calls, use toll free numbers, and create a virtual office through VoIP.

In sum, when you buy a Broward County phone number you get a lot of features and benefits in a single package. You keep pace with the world at large and remain in touch with all your customers and clients 24×7, no matter where you are located. Not a bad deal any way you slice it, which means your business can take advantage of the South Florida market with utmost ease.

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