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Thailand call forwarding redirects calls from Thailand anywhere in the world. With your business growing by the day, it may become essential to have an international presence in Thailand, which has indeed been a notable commercial hub of Southeast Asia for the last few years. This “international presence” however, may not require your physical presence in the country.

Yet, you will have a local or number that gives callers the impression that you have an establishment there. Thailand call forwarding ensures that. What’s more, Thailand call forwarding allows your business associates to connect with you at local call rates. Moreover, holders of local flat-rate plans even get to call you for free.

You can receive your calls on landline, mobile or VoIP in any country in the world.

Overview of the Thai Economy

Thailand falls under the category of newly industrialized countries. Its economy depends heavily on exports, which account for more than 66% of its GDP or gross domestic product. The Thai economy has been growing at an average of 3.8–4.3 % over the last few years.

The principal contributors to Thailand’s GDP are its service and industrial sectors. Industry accounts for nearly 39.2 % of the GDP. The country’s agricultural sector dominates 8.4 % of the GDP while trade and logistics & communication contribute 13.4 and 9.8 %, respectively to the GDP. The following is the breakup of the other GDP contributors:

  • Mining & construction sector – 4.3 %
  • Service Sectors (finance, education, hotels & restaurants) – 24.9%

Trade and telecommunications are the fastest emerging sectors to enhance Thailand’s economic competitiveness. Thailand is Southeast Asia’s 2nd largest economy after Indonesia. Thailand’s income per capita ranks 4th in Southeast Asia. It ranks 2nd in external trade in Southeast Asia, after Singapore.

In fact, the World Bank has acknowledged Thailand as “one of the greatest development success stories.” The country’s unemployment rate also is low. This is because a large part of the population is engaged in subsistence agriculture or self-employed in the tourism industry for which Thailand is world famous.

Reasons to Get Thailand Call Forwarding

When you get Thailand call forwarding, neither do you actually need to buy any new hardware nor do you have to switch your present telephony provider. In short, your service provider’s web-based, easily usable virtual phone number system will ensure all the flexibility that you need.

Thailand call forwarding ensures that any call made from Thailand gets routed to exactly where you want it. This enables getting more customers without actually having an official establishment in the country. Moreover, zero setup costs and affordable monthly fees will surely suit your budget and you will receive calls anywhere, be it at home, your office or your cell phone.

You can also change your number at any time through the service provider’s online account management system and get multiple calls forwarded to your phone.

The four principal advantages of Thailand call forwarding are availability, voicemail avoidance, enhanced mobility, and increased presence. When you hand over your Thai virtual number to your staff, they become readily available even when not in their workplace. This surely enhances customer connectivity as your employees are available as and when required to answer customer queries and to provide relevant information.

Thailand call forwarding also eliminates voicemail, an irritant to many prospective customers. Since someone from your staff is always there to take a customer call, it projects a positive image about your business and also ensures its authenticity. Worker mobility is also greatly enhanced and chances of missing calls are greatly reduced.

Your company’s perceived presence is also expanded since you have the option of getting several numbers forwarded to one central location. Consequently, the client calls a toll-free or local phone number, which is subsequently forwarded to your main switchboard. This eliminates the cost of long-distance calling.

Setting up Thailand Call Forwarding

It is easy to buy Thailand virtual phone numbers online. You have to locate an international call forwarding service provider that offers the best services at the most competitive rates and get into their website. By feeding in the relevant information, you create your account first. Then key in the area and city codes of your virtual or local number.

Once this is done, spread the word that you have a Thailand call forwarding number and your associates can dial it to be instantly connected to your landline or cell phone number, no matter wherever in the world you may be. Calls may even be forwarded to any telephone number depending on your circumstances. You just need to get into your online account management system and change the destination number to other mobile or landline phone numbers. This is possible 24/7.

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