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hong kong toll free numbersSo you want to have an office in Indonesia but actually opening one is not the best course of action at this time. Don’t worry; we’ve got the best course of action for you. Even if your business does not have an actual presence in the country you’re aiming for, its virtual existence can be a reality if you implement the right steps. Acquiring Indonesia DID numbers will help take care of this. This service is powered by the Internet, and it provides any business with a virtual presence anywhere in the world.

The Indonesian Economy

When you claim that your business has Indonesian operations, it adds to its brand value as the country’s economy is currently the largest in Southeast Asia.

It is also officially acknowledged and accepted globally that Indonesia is one of the fastest emerging market economies the world over, and an active and noted member of the G-20 major economies, falling under the category of “newly industrialized countries.” It is also currently the 16th largest economy in the world in terms of nominal GDP, and the 8th largest GDP (PPP) wise.

The country is largely dependent on its domestic market, the spending of the government budget and ownership of 141 state enterprises. Today, 80% of the Indonesian economy is controlled by foreign companies and/ or private Indonesian operators.

This has been largely due to the fact that after the economic crisis in mid-1997, the then-government acquired a substantial portion of assets held by the private sector through nonperforming bank loans and corporate assets through the process of debt restructuring. Subsequently, all acquired companies were sold to private operators afterward. The economy further recovered with growth accelerating to over 6% on average over the next few years.

This level of growth proves that Indonesia is indeed an ideal location to have a commercial presence, and doing business there sure makes sense. However, since an effective communication system is an inextricable component of any successful business venture, having Indonesia DID numbers will definitely add to your business’s brand value and recall.

The Importance of Indonesia DID Numbers

Indonesia DID numbers are based on cloud technology that combines with conventional telephony infrastructure, allowing you full control to direct any call to your individual Indonesia phone numbers by way of web-based online tools.

Any incoming calls to an Indonesia phone number are forwarded to your very own network. Additionally, these virtual phone numbers may be forwarded to cell phones or landlines, anywhere the world over, at substantially low pay-per-minute rates.

The additional advantage of Indonesia DID numbers is that they offer all PBX features including voice menus, voice mail, call center, call recording as well as conferencing. Any outbound call from Indonesia DID numbers is also available by using any softphone, IP Phone that’s SIP-based or a customized mobile app.

A DID number enables your access to an Indonesia-based telephone number no matter where in the world you may be. State-of-the-art SIP technologies enable you to answer any call made to your Indonesia DID numbers from anywhere the world, provided the Internet connection is strong, fast, and reliable so you can spend your time on other more important matters.

The process involves signing up first with your DID service provider who sends you an email regarding account activation within twenty-four hours. Indonesia DID numbers will have the Jakarta area code, SIP username, and its corresponding password, along with the service provider’s server address so that you can configure your personal IP phone accordingly.

The email that you receive is proof that your DID number is now ready to use, and it can be used on your business card for business associates, partners, and existing & prospective customers to start calling you, provided your phone is logged onto the service provider’s system through the Net.

You also have the option of having your number forwarded to a separate telephone number. Costs for forwarding, however, depend on the distance of the destination from Indonesia.

Stellar Benefits of Indonesia DID numbers

Sterling Access: Use an Indonesia DID number and get connected with existing or potential clients from over fifty countries. This means that they are given to understand that you have a local Indonesian telephone number and when they call, it will be forwarded to your landline or mobile immediately. Your service provider will ensure that.

Additional numbers are purchasable from over two hundred cities and may be linked to the Call Answering Service where a professionally trained receptionist can answer any call, according to specific instructions given by you. Moreover, in case you can’t answer the call, the caller’s message will be emailed or texted to you. This makes it all the more convenient and effective and can undoubtedly increase your credibility substantially.

Teleconferencing Capabilities

In case you have a teleconference account with your service provider, you will also get a (+62) landline number which is PIN protected and will be known only to the account administrator. Charges for teleconferencing are either based on the total number of participants, or on a per-minute basis, depending on the provider.

All you need to do is dial the conference call number, enter the PIN and proceed with the conference. This concept also comes with an automated voice prompt that indicates the entry or exit of a participant. Teleconferencing facilities are based on direct ISDN lines, and 25 users may simultaneously talk at the same time.

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