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International Virtual Phone Number

Having an international virtual phone number helps many people and businesses in many different ways. A virtual phone number is a phone number without a physical phone line associated with it. This means that the virtual number can be forwarded to any phone anywhere. Usually an international virtual phone number is forwarded to a phone number in another area of the state, country or even forwarded to another international location.

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Today individuals will use virtual phone numbers so that they can keep in touch with loved ones, business associates and people in a certain area. They benefit from this by giving their contacts one phone number (their virtual number) and then can have it forwarded to any number they wish. For example, a person who travels between two countries can use one phone number to distribute to people in Brazil and in the United States. The two countries offer different mobile phone rates so this person has multiple mobile SIM cards so that they can get the best rates depending on where they are located at that time. When they are in Brazil people who contact them in the United States dial the number that they were given by the international virtual phone number holder. That number that was given is then forwarded to the owner of the phone number’s mobile phone. The person trying to connect with the international virtual phone number owner makes the phone connection as has no idea where the recipient is located. The owner of the phone number saves on the phone call by avoiding roaming charges by their primary mobile phone carrier. In business an international virtual phone number can help in a multitude of ways.

If a business is located in France and would like to expand its presence in Spain they may purchase a local phone number with Spain’s area code and have that number forwarded to their main office in France. This would allow their customers in Spain to avoid making a long distance call to contact their business and provide more likely chance that the customer in Spain is more apt to call.

Virtual offices are very popular in today’s high tech world. Having an international phone number is essential to running a virtual office. Being able to give clients one phone number which can be used to contact the virtual office is in part the definition of a virtual office. The advantages are clear, if a person needs to have its employees spread around the globe and stay in constant contact with them then an international phone number is essential. Many cost saving features of international virtual phones are in play today. Having a toll free number located in the country that a business would like to appear more reputable in and having the toll free number forwarded to an international virtual phone number adds confidence to the prospect. Traveling often between states and countries with the ability of giving your contacts one phone number and having that number forwarded to an international virtual phone number saves on roaming costs and makes it easier and more convenient for your contacts to stay in touch with you.

For more about the benefits, features and services associated with international virtual phone numbers see GlobalCallForwarding FAQ’s and View Rates.

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