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South Korea Local Phone Numbers

Call center agent using a South Korean phone number. Since the nineties, South Korea has truly turned out to be a major economic power. This has been more so because of its shift to high-technology industries that include automobiles, ship building, mining, construction, and armaments and South Korea has shot upward in the past 20 years. Grow your brand and establish a virtual business presence with South Korea local phone numbers.

South Korea’s focus has also been on the enhancement of materials sciences, microelectronics, industrial robotics, aerospace, bioengineering, and chemistry. Its exports of electronics, ships, textiles, finished steel, and automobiles has been truly praiseworthy and has significant and firmly placed it on the world trade map as a super major force.

Additionally, the country is now officially acknowledged as a grand market for mobile phones that come with the minimum technology constraints. Samsung for instance, is a household name the world over in the sphere of mobile devices and needs no fresh introduction. The country is also perpetually encouraging the invention of new apps or media types as also the maximum utilization of 4 & 5G Internet infrastructure, which again keeps growing.

Thus, business opportunities in South Korea are aplenty and has opened up tremendous scope for foreign investment. An encouraging customer base similarly, has provided some terrific business opportunities for outsiders and South Korea is a fantastic place to live and visit.

The development of an efficient telephony system to aid them has consequently been a top priority item on the government’s working agenda. It is in this highly sophisticated telephony system that South Korea local phone numbers play a pivotal role.

Overview of the South Korean Economy

South Korea is currently Asia’s 4th largest economy and ranks 11th globally. It’s primarily a mixed economy that is dominated by the smaller private enterprises, family-owned conglomerates and global multinationals which also have a share in the pie. The irony is that South Korea was once considered one of the world’s poorest countries.

Miraculously it seems, the country metamorphosed into a highly developed country through the efforts of one single generation only. Named the Han River Miracle, it catapulted the country among some of the elite G-20 and OECD countries.

The South Korean economy was strong enough to withstand the Great Recession and its sheer resilience made it one of the few fastest growing countries in the world in its aftermath. In fact, experts feel that that in the mid-21st century, South Korea, already a star performer in the Next Eleven Countries group that is gearing itself to dominate the global economy.

This of course, is largely attributable to its highly developed and extremely rigorous education system that has most successfully created a highly educated and profoundly motivated young populace which is raring to go.

Even though the country severely lacks natural resources and is burdened by the problem of overpopulation, which has led to the formation of a largely internal consumer market, the present government has tackled the situation by focusing more on an export-oriented economic strategy that has boosted its economy. In fact, South Korea currently ranks 7th in the global export-import market.

In 1997, the Asian meltdown had substantial adverse effects on the South Korean economy. However, the IMF extended a helping hand, following which massive restructuring exercises were undertaken: The DJnomics policy was implemented and heavy subsidies were granted to speed up new technology adoption which ultimately put the South Korean economy on the fast track.

The ICT industry grew particularly, concentrating on hardware and expanding the wireless and wired telecommunication network. This has resulted in South Korea leading in the spheres of consumer electronics, smart phones and mobile broadband the world over today. It is also expected that the country will be the world’s leading LCD TV producer with Japan coming second.

Why Get South Korea Local Phone Numbers?

Both globalization and entrepreneurship have been the principal drivers of South Korea’s great leap forward. The development and implementation of a state-of-the-art national telephony system has empowered local and international entrepreneurs to get the best services of a telephonic network, eliminating distance and time constraints. Even making local calls from an iPhone or Android is easy and the benefits of virtual PBX and SIP application are also available to all.

Your local number may even be a virtual one provided by any of the numerous VoIP telephony providers. This is despite the fact that you may not even have an office in the country. Having your own SIP account will help you download a SIP App and you can receive calls from foreign countries at local call rates.

How to Call South Korea Local Phone Numbers

South Korea has an open dialing plan. South Korea local phone numbers are nine to eleven digits long with a 0 as a prefix.

The numbers given to city subscribers are between seven to eight digits long. When you dial from a mobile phone to a local landline except for 010 numbers, you need to include the area code. A national 3G network covers 94 percent of the population and 14 percent of the total territory. When you make an international call from the country, you need to dial 00N (N being the carrier code) and then the country code & telephone number.

For connecting with someone in South Korea, dial +82, followed by the 10-digit number. The prefix 0 may be dropped when calling South Korea from abroad. However, some 1566, 1588, and 1577 numbers can’t be dialed from any country abroad. Long distance calls of the domestic type need to be dialed with a 0 first, followed by the carrier code, area code and finally, the eight-digit number.

Calls to local cellular phones may be made by dialing 01 first followed by the cell phone number. When subscribers with unified 010 numbers call each other, they can drop the leading 010.

F A Q | South Korea Local Phone Numbers

Virtual South Korean local phone numbers have local area codes recognizable by those living in the country. Callers can call these numbers for inexpensive calling rates, even if the business using this number is located outside the country.

Virtual South Korean local numbers use call forwarding to route incoming calls from one destination to another. This way, your international business can boast a local South Korean number and have calls forwarded to your headquarters in another country.

No, you or your business do not need to be located in South Korea to use a local South Korean phone number. Simply forward incoming calls to your destination as needed.

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