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South Korea, known as the Republic of Korea (ROK) is an Asian mecca that is ready for Western commerce, and it is evident that the country is eager to do business with American companies and entrepreneurs. The business relationship between the US and South Korea has been quite strong since the US-Korean Free Trade Agreement was signed.

Now, U.S. companies, both large and small can invest their time, money, and business in South Korea as a direct way for American businesses to expand, strengthening the economic reach of both nations. One of the most beneficial ways to customers in Korea for American businesses is through South Korea virtual numbers.

South Korea phone numbers are great for American businesses because a virtual phone is similar to any other phone number, but it is not connected to just one phone line. It can connect with any other phone you desire it to connect with in your business for your convenience.

In other words, your South Korean virtual number can be forwarded to your personal phone or U.S. office phone, allowing you to receive the calls wherever convenient for you. You can manipulate your South Korea virtual numbers to get routed to a particular extension or you can create a personalized Korean message to greet your Korean customers. You will instantly build a cultural rapport with your new overseas customers.

Simply, you can view your South Korea virtual number as a secondary number that is associated with all of your other business lines. Your specifically-programmed South Korea virtual number allows you to expand your business and brand locally in South Korea, without actually needing a physical presence there. You can operate multiple numbers from one main source with South Korea virtual numbers, without needing to purchase additional hardware, phones, and lines in order to have multiple virtual telephone numbers.

Doing business in South Korea is considered good business, especially for American businesses who want to tap into the prosperity of the Republic of Korea (ROK). Between the two countries, billions of dollars are exchanged as the US-Korean Free Trade Agreement went into effect in 2012. South Korea is our nation’s 7th largest trading partner and we are South Korea’s third-largest trading partner. Small companies and established corporations can get started on doing successful business with the ROK by getting their own South Korea Virtual numbers to do businesses in South Korea.

Why you Need South Korea Virtual Numbers

There are several reasons for companies to acquire South Korea virtual numbers. You will be able to communicate with your South Korean associates and customers at no extra cost to them. This establishes good international customer service for your firm.

If you are seeking to generate new business from South Korea, setting up a South Korea virtual number is the way to go. You can immediately create a global presence for your business in South Korea, making it easier for both parties to communicate with each other and create profits for your business.

In reality, if you plan on doing any type of business in South Korea, it is good business sense to have a South Korea virtual number.

South Korea’s modern capital, Seoul, is a thriving city that includes all the latest business accommodations and modern technology to conduct international business affairs. Your South Korea phone numbers can easily and readily be used to reach out to your distinctive customers in Seoul. The capital city feels almost like a western metropolis with subways, five-star hotels, and other attractions to draw business to your overseas company.

What to Know About Doing Business in South Korea

While South Korea is an emerging modern country, it still respects certain traditional customs, and Koreans prefer these traditions to be kept in business practices. They have a greater sense of appreciation for businesses that respect the following cultural and social protocols:

  • Koreans are impressed when foreign business executives learn to say hello (an-yong-ha-say-yo) and thank you (gam-sa-ham-ni-da), and other pleasantries in the Korean tongue.
  • It is a good business practice to take the initiative to learn the basic cultural and linguistic expressions of the foreign country you are conducting business with overseas. South Koreans will be impressed with your efforts to learn their language and culture on a personal level, not just for the sake of business. This adds credibility to your establishment and gives the South Korean clientele a greater level of confidence in working with you.
  • American business executives and owners conducting business in South Korea need to remember the nation practices traditional values surrounding the importance of family and hierarchy. Extended families are important to Koreans with older parents living with their grown and married children. Age and longevity are viewed highly. Among the older generation of Koreans, the man is usually the primary breadwinner in the family and a mother usually stays at home with the children. U.S. businesses who desire to successfully do business and market their products or services to the people of Korea should take these traditional family perspectives from the Korean culture into consideration. Migrating your business into their way of life will become beneficial to your company and the Korean customers you serve.
  • When establishing your virtual South Korea number, you should remember the cultural practices and beliefs of Korean people. Allow the greeting and messages on your virtual phone number to respect and reflect the significant and practiced values of the South Korean community.

In short, Korean people love doing business with American companies, and American companies enjoy conducting business with the Korean community. Right now is the perfect time to take your operations in the South Korean market with South Korea virtual numbers, so we invite you to let your South Korea virtual number open the door to new opportunities and possibilities ahead for your business.

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