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When you think of world-class cities, Atlanta may not be one of the first cities that comes to your mind. But it certainly should be. Atlanta’s 134 square miles lying at the base of the Appalachian mountain range offers a mix of history, culture, and economic opportunity found in very few other places.

A Rich History

Even army generals in the American Civil War recognized the importance of the Atlanta. The Union army engaged in a four month long battle to take the city from the South in 1864. Even then, Atlanta was a hub of transportation, with railroads that went to and from the city and spread throughout the country. Fearful of the advantages the city provided to the South, when Atlanta was conquered, the Union ordered the destruction of its infrastructure and supplies.

By the 1880s, Atlanta was being promoted as the “New South,” promoting an upgraded economy and education system, including the founding of Georgia Tech. The city was committed to disbanding the antiquated ways of the old Confederacy.

Although certainly affected by racial strife, Atlanta was somewhat of a pioneer in the South in promoting civil rights. Business leaders touted Atlanta as a city “too busy to hate.” Public transportation was desegregated by 1959 and public schools by 1973, the same year the city elected its first black mayor.

The Growth of Atlanta

Atlanta has grown immensely, and it has done so with an influx of people that make great customers for any business looking to expand into the city with Atlanta phone numbers. From 2000-2009, downtown Atlanta gained almost 10,000 residents between the ages of 25 to 34 that had college degrees. Art galleries, park spaces, and cultural offerings also increased between 2000-2010.

Business has been rapidly growing in Atlanta over the past decade, and Atlanta phone numbers enable you to enter this thriving market easily. Commerce and business are divided amongst Atlanta’s three major regions: Downtown, Midtown, and Buckhead. Around these metropolitan areas, single-family houses and suburbs can be found. Many older buildings have been converted into galleries, retail stores, and models of “smart growth.” The suburbs are a mix between postwar suburban layouts, and landmark historical districts.

The Climate and the People of Atlanta

Atlanta phone numbers can expose you to a great climate for commerce, due to the city’s famous moderate temperatures. This means that cold weather will rarely keep people from going about their everyday business. Although summers are warm, the city has an elevation that tempers the heat, and there are only about 48 freezing days every year. Extreme temperatures that last more than a few days in a row are rare.

The people of Atlanta also make great business targets (or potential employees), as they make up one of the most educated populations in the country. Almost half of the residents have a 4-year college degree. This fact makes perfect sense given that the city has over 30 colleges and universities.

A World-Class Economy

Anyone looking to expand their business using Atlanta phone numbers will be glad to know that the city is a major business and commercial success. Atlanta is the 8th largest economy in the United States, and the 17th largest in the entire world.

Big business has recognized Atlanta’s commitment to business success. The city has the third-largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies, and over 75% of companies on the Fortune 1000 conduct some measure of business in metropolitan Atlanta. Companies such as Coca Cola, Cox Enterprises, The Weather Channel, CNN, The Home Depot, AT&T, UPS, and (as anyone who has flown may know) Delta Airlines.

In fact, Delta remains the city’s largest private employer, operating the world’s largest airline hub, which has made Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport the world’s busiest airport.

Atlanta has also kept up with innovation and technology, earning the nickname “The Silicon Peach,” in part because of its distinction of having the fourth largest number of IT jobs in the United States. If your company’s background is in tech or IT, having Atlanta phone numbers would most likely be very beneficial.

Atlanta’s Many Attractions

Businesses that market with Atlanta phone numbers get the benefit of exposure to people all over the country. Tourism is a huge industry in Atlanta. As of 2010, Atlanta was the seventh most visited city in the United States.

Festivals such as Dragon Con, the Atlanta Film Festival, and the National Black Arts Festival lure tourists from all over the world. The Georgia Aquarium is the world’s largest indoor aquarium.

Atlanta’s rich history draws in tourists as well. The home of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the Civil War Museum, the World of Coca Cola, the Center for Civil and Human Rights, CNN studios, and the College Football Hall of Fame all draw tourists from all parts of the globe.

Nature lovers (and businesses that cater to them with Atlanta phone numbers) will find solace here as well. Botanical gardens abound, and the Canopy Walk is the only one of its kind in the United States. Zoo Atlanta boasts an incredible collection of gorillas, primates, and even Panda Bears.

Atlanta offers a mix of modern, upscale business opportunities, while still holding on to its rich culture and heritage. The city throws off the stereotypes of Southern cities, making it an educated, world-class urban center.

Having Atlanta phone numbers is a great way to start doing business in the city, at affordable prices, and with minimal hassle. Global Call Forwarding can provide you with Atlanta phone numbers, along with great features and services that can help you establish a local, Atlantean presence.

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