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SMS Redirection Service

SMS (Short Message Service) or text messaging has become the biggest avenue for communication in the United States and internationally. This uprise in text messaging may have arisen out of today’s increasingly busy lifestyles or because of how convenient it is to text.

Millennial users especially prefer text messaging to talking over the phone, which they consider a nuisance. When a millennial receives a call from a business they automatically assume it is a telemarketer and feel that they are being pestered. Texting is much more casual and will help bring a positive association to your brand. Calling may work for baby boomers, but offering a millennial the option to communicate via text is paramount in keeping them as customers. That’s why Global Call Forwarding has added SMS forwarding to their call forwarding subscriptions.

Why Use SMS Redirection

SMS Redirection and phone call forwarding is not always the easiest task if you are dealing with the average phone service provider. It is simply not an option that traditional carriers have a need to provide. An efficient way to forward your messages and calls is by utilizing the uncomplicated subscription plans from Global Call Forwarding. Having a phone number dedicated to forwarding calls and text messages is a wonderful promotional device for businesses, but it also works for people traveling abroad who would rather not pay sky-high international rates when trying to communicate with their friends and family at home. Having a dedicated forwarding number is great for your consumers or loved ones, too. When people text or call you/ your business they will pay their regular rates, and not have to be concerned about costly extra charges.

sms redirection service
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How It Works

SMS Redirection is a very simple system that involves using an email address or mobile phone number chosen by the subscribers to receive all incoming text messages from your consumers or friends. The message will be sent in an email format and you can quickly respond to these messages via your email address.

Also, it is quite simple to find information or deleted content from past messages. The subscriber can find all records, including time and date stamps, by logging into their account at Global Call Forwarding and clicking on the online control panel.

You can use one or more numbers to receive your messages depending on how you would like to divide your consumers. For example, if you have a large clientele based in Australia, you may want to use a different number for your Australian consumers to keep them separated from other customers. There will be no compatibility issues when using a virtual number from Global Call Forwarding.

Personal Use

SMS redirection service can come in very handy when a person is traveling or living abroad. Travelers won’t have to miss any important events from back home, nor will they have to pay costly international rates from their usual mobile provider. Possibly the best reason to use a Global Call Forwarding plan is that you and your loved ones will not be charged a hefty fee. You can also choose a smaller plan instead of a huge plan for businesses that would need thousands of text messages included per month.

Business Use

SMS Redirection allows you to target consumers directly and gives them an effective way to contact you. Data from the content of all messages is kept in your account and you can easily view this data at any time. Text messaging is key in developing good relationships with consumers. Some consumers can get very heated over the phone when they encounter a problem with their product or service. Some customers may berate someone who sounds tired or unconcerned over the phone when they feel their feelings are not being taken into account. Text forwarding completely eliminates awkward interactions and keeps them in a strictly business format. Reservations and other bookings are made easier when done over text messaging, too. The customer doesn’t have to write down or remember all of the information told to them because they can simply refer back to their messages for important times and dates.

Why it will Work for Your Business

Enhancing your business with SMS service will allow you to separate your personal and professional life. This is a great and inexpensive tool for small business owners who might have otherwise given out their personal phone number. Your customers will also appreciate the ancillary way that they can now reach out to your business. Call and text forwarding is one of the most cost-effective ways to stay in constant touch with your customers.

Available Packages

There are a variety of virtual number choices such as toll free and national, but in order to use SMS redirection services, you must choose a mobile number. If you are already a customer, you can choose to add an additional virtual number to your current package. There are different packages to suit all business and personal needs. For example, a larger business may want 5,000 or more texts a month, meanwhile, a single person may only need 100. If you are a first time customer, try the free trial subscription when starting out with Global Call Forwarding, just to explore how it works. You will incur no unexpected costs, making this the perfect way to see if the service fits your needs.

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