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The best way to guarantee great customer service is with a toll free forwarding service from Global Call Forwarding. Toll free forwarding allows your business to build a virtual presence in a target country to receive incoming calls. A forwarding service will automatically route inbound calls to your business’ phone number, which can be located anywhere in the world.

Global Call Forwarding provides local and toll free phone numbers in more than 120 countries that can be used for toll free forwarding services. The phone numbers we provide are mobile accessible.

Toll Free Forwarding is a cost-effective alternative to more office space

Are you looking to grow your business’ revenue while improving profit margins? Toll free forwarding is one of the most efficient and inexpensive ways to grow your business. This service is a great alternative to opening a physical location in a targeted country.

A brick-and-mortar location will likely increase sales for your business and help you establish a local feel. However, there are costs associated with operating a physical location. First, you will need to pay rent on your office space. Second, you will need to employ additional staff to manage the store. The costs do not even account for the extra risk that you take on when you open an office in an untested market!

Toll free forwarding from Global Call Forwarding is a great alternative to the above listed option. For one, owning a local or toll free number is much cheaper than paying rent on an office. Plans start as low as $7.95 per month for local numbers in the United States. Second, you do not need to employ additional staff because calls will be forwarded to your current office.

We offer a variety of plans to choose from based on your monthly minute consumption. Choose from Basic, Value, Power, Premium and Enterprise plans to suit the unique needs of your business.

Global Call Forwarding does not make you sign any contracts and our toll free forwarding service does not require any additional hardware. This eliminates any risk associated with business expansion because you can cancel at any time. Toll free numbers are a sensible investment for any organization looking to expand. The only thing you need is a working phone.

Uses and benefits

As mentioned above, toll free forwarding is one of the cheapest ways to grow your business and it is an important tool for individuals, small business and large corporations. Getting a toll free number also makes a major impact on accessibility. An example of effective toll free forwarding is buying a toll free number in a foreign country and routing calls back to your mobile or business line. A major benefit is that you can be located anywhere in the world and still receive calls from the specific market you chose.

Our toll free forwarding offers several key benefits to small and medium enterprises. When you own a toll free number, you can customize a variety of features to meet your objectives.

The rewards that come with call forwarding can be immense. Toll free forwarding will significantly raise your sales potential in foreign markets. It aids you in establishing a point of contact and lines of communication between potential clients and your sales force. Sales representatives are more likely to finalize deals if they have an open line of communication.

Toll free forwarding is also a great tool to improve the marketing strategy of an organization. Toll free numbers give your business the appearance of a local organization that is easy to reach. It is more likely that customers will reach out to your business if you get a toll free number, and the business is more likely to close sales. A call forwarding service will get you more inbound sales calls.

How does Toll Free Forwarding Work?

Suppose your business is physically located in Europe, but you have clientele in the United States. You should buy a US toll free number and take advantage of toll free forwarding. When a US customer dials your US toll free number, his call will be connected to GCF’s network. Our toll free forwarding service will automatically send the calls to your firm in Europe. Global Call Forwarding uses a network of Tier1 carriers to ensure the highest call quality.

Advanced Features

We include a list of advanced features so that your toll free number can be configured to meet your specifications. Your voicemail is completely customizable and you can send voice messages to your email. Advanced call forwarding lets you customize a call forwarding schedule to ensure that every call is answered. Perhaps most valuable, an IVR system allows a computer system to greet callers and direct them to an appropriate extension.

Global Call Forwarding also provides some features at a small additional cost. Call recording is ideal for a call center. This feature allows you to record phone calls and play them back for training or quality assurance purposes. Lots of prominent organizations utilize call forwarding services with call recording. Rollover minutes lets you keep your unused minutes from month to month. Both features are great at a small additional cost.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that a toll free forwarding service will improve the sales potential of your organization and make you more accessible to customers. It is one of the most inexpensive ways to grow your business. Make a sound investment and buy a local or toll free number from Global Call Forwarding today.

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