Businesses competing in Hong Kong need to establish networks of service centers in that country. This can be time consuming and expensive. An alternate approach is to set up Hong Kong Toll Free Numbers, which function as virtual local offices. Residents and businesses in Hong Kong can seamlessly dial the Hong Kong Toll Free Number without any charges. Callers may not even be aware that the persons answering the phones could be halfway around the world.

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Buying a Hong Kong Toll Free Number significantly increases an enterprise’s footprint in Hong Kong. The Internet has 6.6 million subscribers in that country. However, there are 4.3 million fixed telephone and 16.7 million mobile subscribers in Hong Kong. That is a 318% increase in market accessibility at minimal cost through the use of a Hong Kong Toll Free Number.

Why is Hong Kong an attractive market?

An agreement between China and the UK established a “one country, two systems” formula for Hong Kong, which is a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. Hong Kong’s government is a Presidential Limited Democracy that does not operate under a Socialist Economic System.

Hong Kong has a Free Market Economy with no customs tariffs and limited excise duties. There are approximately 7.2 million residents. Its exports are valued at $506 billion against imports of $528 billion. Imports include raw materials; semi-manufactured, consumer and capital goods; food; and fuel, which is mostly exported.

An economy that large definitely warrants a Hong Kong Toll Free Number for any business.

How Call Forwarding Works

In Hong Kong, residents and businesses can make international calls using a Hong Kong Toll Free Number provided by Global Call Forwarding. Using this Hong Kong Toll Free Number, phone calls initiated in Hong Kong can be forwarded by Global Call Forwarding to the offices of the company sponsoring the Hong Kong Toll Free Number. Calls can even be forwarded to multiple locations in several countries. The party in Hong Kong who initiated the call will be making free international phone calls without paying expensive call charges.

The protocols used to forward the phone calls are as follows. First, calls made on the Hong Kong Toll Free Number are connected to a gateway at Global Call Forwarding. Then, the calls are forwarded via Tier1 carriers to specified locations anywhere in the world. The international call forwarding process is very fast, and the calls have excellent audio quality.

Advanced call features offered by Global Call Forwarding on their Hong Kong Toll Free Numbers include the following:

  • Customized Ringback Tones (local ring tones)
  • Forwarding to multiple phone numbers. This feature can be programed to allow different connections to call centers in multiple time zones depending on the time and day of the week.
  • Call Recording
  • Voicemail and Voicemail to Email
  • Rollover Minutes
  • Customized Greetings
  • Advanced Interactive Voice Response/Private Branch Exchange (IVR/PBX)
  • Black and White Lists. Lists of calls to be accepted are called “white lists” whereas those to be rejected are termed “black lists”

Why Companies Are Interested in Hong Kong Business

Businesses invest in Hong Kong due to its resilient economy and its openness, trade and investment. Its 2015 GDP was US$308 billion. The economy is fueled by retail sales, business and financial services, real estate development, and tourism (59 million visitors in 2015). Much of the tourism is from mainland Chinese visitors. In addition, Hong Kong businesses have close relationships with mainland China and the rest of Asia.

Because of Hong Kong’s proximity to mainland China, small and medium-sized US businesses favor a Hong Kong presence. Hong Kong’s strong rule of law and respect for property rights add to its attraction to foreign companies. The ability to have Hong Kong Toll Free Numbers gives businesses a virtual strategic presence for conducting business operations. Furthermore, Hong Kong’s Trade Development Council supports the US National Export Initiative.

Hong Kong’s businesses have preferential access to markets as a result of the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) with mainland China. Overseas firm can produce in Hong Kong and sell into China so long as the goods meet the CEPA rules of origin requirements.

Penetrating Asian Markets Aided by Hong Kong Toll Free Numbers

Hong Kong Toll Free Numbers are a cost effective means to establish a virtual business presence in Hong Kong. There is potential business growth in Hong Kong as well as convenient access to mainland China. The Hong Kong Toll Free Numbers provide Asian residents and businesses an alternative to the internet when interacting with foreign businesses. Global Call Forwarding provides seamless connections to the users of Hong Kong Toll Free Number, and advanced features provide users many attractive options. Various treaties and protocols are in place that should solidify the Asian markets for many years to come.