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How to get a Hong Kong phone number.

Companies throughout the world are doing business with Hong Kong, and there’s no reason why your business shouldn’t do the same. You may be wondering how to get a phone number in Hong Kong, especially if your business isn’t physically located there. Getting Hong Kong phone numbers that’s local to residents of Hong Kong with Global Call Forwarding is easy and intuitive and can be done directly from your computer with a few easy steps.

Please note that these numbers are not compatible with WhatsApp nor with SMS verifications.

Why Get Hong Kong Numbers?

With a HK phone number, your business can reach locals in Hong Kong, no matter where your location. Plus, your local customers can also quickly connect with your foreign business without worrying about paying for international calls or dealing with dialing conventions.

Steps to Get a Hong Kong Phone Number

Here’s how to get a Hong Kong phone number:

The process starts on our home page. Start by selecting “Hong Kong (+852)” from the blank drop-down menu of countries under the heading “Select Your New Phone Number.”

We offer different types of Hong Kong business phone numbers. You can get a national, local, or toll free number from Hong Kong number. Choose from “National,” “Toll Free,” and “Geographic” from the next selection box.

Next, you’ll see a box with a list of numbers. This is where you will choose the number that people in Hong Kong will actually dial to call you. Select the number type that you like the best.

On the right column, enter your “destination number.” This is where you want the calls made to your new Hong Kong number to ring.

When people ask how to get a Hong Kong phone number, they often think they need a physical presence in the country. The good news is that they don’t. When people dial your new number, they are dialing a number local to them. The call then forwards to wherever you are located.

Click “Try For Free,” and view our plans. You can choose from as little as 18 to as many as 631 minutes per month.

If you want any additional features you’ll see them listed below the plans. Select which ones you want.

Then, add your personal information, and click “Try for Free.” You’ll see a summary of your costs once the free trial ends.

Finally, your new Hong Kong number will be ready to go.

And that just about sums it up; how to get a Hong Kong phone number is not only really simple, it can be done to suit your personal business needs easily.

Hong Kong Business Scene

How to get a Hong Kong phone number is equally important as the question of why. Hong Kong has become an economic powerhouse through trade and leadership in finance, banking, textiles, clothing, toys, and the manufacture of various other products. The country has a unique understanding of Western and Eastern cultures, having been a British Colony. Now, it is becoming an autonomous Chinese territory with its own, independent free-trade economy.

Hong Kong’s economic rankings read like a resume full of awards in a range of categories. No wonder its policies make it attractive to Western and Eastern countries alike. So get a Hong Kong phone number to take advantage of the many business opportunities.

According to the CIA Factbook, Hong Kong is the 8th largest exporter and importer of goods in the world. Trade is fueled by Hong Kong’s no tariff policy and allowing foreign investors to own 100% of their businesses. Hong Kong’s airport handles more air cargo traffic than any other airport in the world.

Forbes magazine named Hong Kong the #6 country in the world to do business in. In 2016, its currency was ranked the 13th most commonly traded currency in the world. Residential incomes remain high. And the country’s dedication to business and commerce can be observed, as Hong Kong has more skyscrapers than anywhere else in the world.

Hong Kong is also a major trading partner with mainland China, giving businesses in the area access to the enormous Chinese consumer population as well.

Economic Freedom and Advanced Business Ideas

According to the 2018 Index of Economic Freedom, Hong Kong ranked #1 in economic freedom in the entire world. The study cited Hong Kong’s respect for the law, understanding of the value of property rights, and government transparency.

Incredibly, Hong Kong is such a powerhouse even though it is only six times larger than Washington D.C.

Education and Healthcare

Businesses in education or healthcare wondering how to get a number in Hong Kong should take note; these areas currently offer excellent growth.

There is mandatory schooling for children in Hong Kong, and the adult literacy rate tops 90%. Students receive education in multiple languages. Despite the country’s diminutive physical size, it boasts ten institutions of higher learning, which are considered the best in Asia.

Hong Kong’s excellent health care system, which is separate from mainland China’s, results in a life expectancy that is seventh in the world. There are over 40 public hospitals, including Queen Elizabeth Hospital. This hospital was the largest hospital in the British Commonwealth at the time it was built.

Get a Hong Kong Phone Number from Global Call Forwarding

Doing business in the region is as easy as knowing how to get a Hong Kong virtual phone number. Global Call Forwarding gives you access to this thriving economy and diverse population. And you can do so without having a physical location in the area. No need to worry about costly start-up and set-up fees. Start your free trial today or call us if you have questions!

F A Q | Hong Kong Phone Number

The country code for Hong Kong phone numbers is (+852).

You can get a Hong Kong phone number (local, toll free, and national) by signing up with a virtual phone number provider like Global Call Forwarding.

You can get various Hong Kong phone numbers such as toll free, national, and local phone numbers. You can also get universal toll free numbers (UIFNs) for Hong Kong.

No, you can use your Hong Kong phone number from any location. Use international call forwarding to route calls to your central office location.

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