Toll-free origination

Toll-free origination services from Global Call Forwarding offer businesses a reliable and efficient way of supporting callers.

What is Toll-Free Origination?

Origination is a telecommunications term that refers to an inbound call. Toll-free origination means that the originating or incoming call is “toll-free” and that the caller is not charged.

This service enables you to receive toll-free calls from around the world. Since customers can call for free, they will be more inclined to call your business, resulting in more sales and higher retention.

You can quickly set up originating toll-free numbers with no commitment and start receiving toll-free calls from your global customer base. Additionally, you can forward these originating calls to any landline, mobile phone, or PBX worldwide.

Do Toll-Free Numbers Still Matter Anymore?

Believe it or not, toll-free numbers are still important. For one, callers instantly recognize these numbers. And since most established companies have toll-free numbers, you can use these numbers to add more credibility to your business.

Secondly, even though most consumers in the US and Canada have unlimited phone plans, many phone plans in other countries are still metered. This means that subscribers need to be conscious of how many calls they make and how long they talk on the phone.

However, through toll-free origination, your customers can rest assured that they can call your business without incurring charges.

Toll-Free Features and Benefits

The toll-free origination services that we provide come packed with value-added features to empower your business.

• Routing Control

Set up advanced call routing to have complete control over how originating calls travel through your business phone system. You can route calls based on the time of day, sequentially, simultaneously, or through an IVR.

Our modern web portal enables complete flexibility and visibility into how originating toll-free calls are handled.

• Call Detail Records

Call detail records register all details of originating calls to your toll-free numbers. Users can view and access these CDRs through invoices in real time within our web portal.

• Global Coverage

We provide originating toll-free numbers in more than 160 countries around the world. View our Country Coverage.

As you may know, toll-free numbers are usually only reachable from within their given countries. This means, for example, that a UAE toll-free number cannot be dialed from the United States.

Activate toll-free numbers in countries where you have a business and manage all your international toll-free numbers through a single platform.

• Automated Ordering

Browse our inventory and order your numbers through our web portal or via API. We pride ourselves on providing a simple ordering process with fast activation of numbers.

• Reliable Network & Carrier Diversity

We have been in business since 1996 and have long-lasting relationships with call origination and call termination partners worldwide. This enables us to provide competitive rates and originating toll-free numbers from most countries around the world. Our high-availability network has multiple layers of redundancy to ensure reliability.

Thousands of businesses around the world depend on our reliable toll-free origination services.

Where Can I Get Toll-Free Services?

Ready to get toll-free origination services? Simply sign up on our website. We offer a free trial to test the call quality and experience the service first-hand. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us for a live demo.

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