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A toll free service was developed specifically for global businesses in order to assist them to advance and maintain their growth by enabling customers to easily call them, no matter where the business is located. A toll free service provides potential and existing customers with a ‘free’ and convenient way to contact businesses.

Rather than the usual way of phone call billings, a toll free service distinguishes itself by enabling the subscriber or business owner, to pay for charges incurred by the calling party or the customer. A toll free number service is accessible from networks to other operators.

Toll free numbers are telephone numbers with their prefix starting with any of the following three-digit codes; 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, or 844. These ranges of 3-digit codes have been widely accepted because of their invaluable benefits for business and personal use. This ensures regular customers and prospects can effortlessly reach you because of its simplicity.

A custom toll free number can also be generated to boost your company branding. It will not only help your business sound more professional but also appear more professional. Good vanity numbers display words which often represents the name or nature of the business. These numbers are easier to remember for the customer. An example of a custom toll-free number is 1-800-shop. Custom toll-free numbers or vanity numbers are perfect for telemarketing or for businesses with a heavy call volume on orders received by phone or website. In addition, companies who spend a lot on display advertising using billboards can benefit by using a customized toll-free service. Although there are numerous toll-free number combinations already in use, you can always still have a unique one by simply thinking outside the box when deliberating on a perfect custom number for your business.

Who Should Subscribe to a Toll Free Service?

  • Small businesses ready to expand.
  • Organizations or enterprises having a large customer base or have call centers.
  • Telemarketing, retail products, and services industry.
  • Hotels and restaurants.
  • Companies providing after-sales support to customers.
  • The whole business community in general.

Benefits of a Toll Free Service

Make your business look bigger- Research has shown that using toll free numbers portrays a small business as established as larger corporations. In other words, subscribing to a toll free service gives your business instant credibility and establishment of a larger presence. This makes people see your business as successful and will imply them to help patronize your business.

They are Affordable– Toll free numbers are easy to set up and affordable for small enterprises and startup businesses. Major providers such as Global Call Forwarding offers you an affordable, effective toll free number and high-volume minute plans that can help your business connect with more customers. They offer monthly plans with all-inclusive rates or pay-as-you-go options. There are no yearly commitment contracts or agreements in providing this service.

Be more Accessible– A toll free service will allow customers to conveniently access your business. A memorable toll free number makes it easy for prospects and regular customers to reach you when they have questions about your products and services. Also, when you use a toll free number with your business, callers do not worry about the responsibility of incurring charges which can be detrimental when your business involves sales, service, or technical support.

They are Memorable– Toll free services provide businesses with numbers which can be easily remembered by their customers and potential customers. Vanity numbers or custom toll-free numbers gives your business the edge to create an everlasting impression in the mind of your customers about your kind of business or product. Your customers will never forget at a glance.

A custom toll-free number such as 1-800-SMILE is much easier to remember than the usual 10 digits. This can also help your business in getting a higher response rate from advertising.

Better Tracking for Your marketing Campaign– You can use a toll-free number to observe how well a marketing campaign is responding. You can do this by simply assigning a specific toll-free number to each marketing campaign. This enables efficient tracking of where your leads are coming from. Also, incoming calls can also be redirected to a specific department that can help answer questions asked by customers regarding a product or service.

Flexibility– A toll-free number enables customers to reach you anywhere and at any time because your calls can be forwarded to your cell phone. Service providers such as Global Call Forwarding offers call forwarding features which mean you can take your business anywhere and customers are still able to reach you. For instance, you can be in your garage or a coffee shop and operate your business.

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