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Venezuela virtual numbers are toll free numbers in Venezuelan localities with local area codes. Global Call forwarding internationally routes calls made to these Venezuela virtual numbers to your business’ landlines, mobile phones, or VoIP devices. A caller in the same area code only pays the price of a local call. Global Call Forwarding also sells “0800” toll free numbers in Venezuela, but they are more expensive and have more restrictions than the Venezuela virtual phone numbers. Global Call Forwarding has Venezuela virtual numbers in the 16 localities shown below.

Barcelona, Area Code 281 – Barcelona is the capital of Anzoátegui State. Its 2010 population was 620,555 and its urban area population was 950,000. The estimated number of fixed telephone lines is 233,000; mobile phones, 831,000; and internet users, 558,000.

Barquisimeto, Area Code 251Barquisimeto is the capital of Lara State. It is an important industrial, commercial, and transportation center, so if your company does business in these sectors, having Venezuela virtual numbers may be a smart addition to your business plan. The 2016 urban population of Barquisimeto was 930,000. The estimated number of fixed telephone lines is 228,000; mobile phones, 813,000; and internet users, 546,000.

Caracas, Area Code 212 – Caracas is the capital and largest city in Venezuela, and having Venezuela virtual phone numbers to communicate with potential clients and customers here can be a necessity. It is located in northern Venezuela close to the Caribbean Sea. In 2011, the city’s population was 1,943,901, and the metropolitan area population was 2,923,959. In the metropolitan area, the estimated number of fixed telephone lines is 718,000; mobile phones, 2,560,000; and internet users, 1,720,000.

Carúpano, Area Code 294 – Carúpano is in northeastern Venezuela on the Caribbean coast. Exports of cacao, coffee, sugar, cotton, timber, and rum drive its economy. Carúpano’s 2010 population was 173,877. The estimated number of fixed telephone lines is 43,000; mobile phones: 152,000; and internet users: 102,000.

Ciudad Bolivar, Area Code 285 – Ciudad Bolívar is the capital of Bolivar State and a major Orinoco river port for eastern Venezuela. Agriculture, animal husbandry, and tourism dominate its economy. The metropolitan area population is 380,953. The estimated number of fixed telephones is 94,000; mobile phones, 333,000; and internet users, 224,000.

Ciudad Ojeda, Area Code 265 – Ciudad Ojeda is located on Lake Maracaibo in Zulia State. It is a major center for the oil and gas industry. If your business is in the oil or gas industries, Venezuela virtual numbers can be very useful. The Ciudad Ojeda population in the 2005 census was 128,941. The estimated number of fixed telephone lines is 32,000; mobile phones, 113,000; and internet users, 76,000.

Maracaibo, Area Code 261 – Maracaibo is the second-largest city in Venezuela and the capital of Zulia State. It is located on the strait between Lake Maracaibo and the Gulf of Venezuela. The economy of Zulia state depends upon agriculture, livestock, mining, and petroleum. The 2013 population of the Maracaibo metropolitan area is 3,897,655. For the metropolitan area, the estimated number of fixed telephone lines is 957,000; mobile phones, 3,410,000; and internet users, 2,290,000.

Maracay, Area Code 243 – Maracay is located on the north-central coast in Aragua State. It is an industrial and commercial center with agriculture, cattle herding, timber, and military activity in the surrounding area. The population per the 2011 census was 955,362. The estimated number of fixed telephone lines is 235,000; mobile phones, 835,000; and internet users, 561,000.

Maturín, Area Code 291 – Maturín is the capital of Monagas State. Its economy is involved with petroleum exploration and development. In 2013, the urban area population was 472,909. The estimated number of fixed telephone lines in the urban area is 116,000; mobile phones, 413,000; and internet users, 278,000.

Mérida, Area Code 274 – Mérida is the capital of Libertador Municipality and Mérida State. It is south of Lake Maracaibo in the Andes with an elevation of 1,630 m (5,350 ft). The economy depends upon technology and tourism. The 2011 population was 199,878. The estimated number of fixed telephone lines is 49,000; mobile phones, 175,000; and internet users, 117,000.

Puerto Cabello, Area Code 242 – Puerto Cabello is located in Carabobo State, and it has the largest port in Venezuela. It is 210 km west of Caracas. Its economy is dependent upon the petroleum industry. In 2011, the population was 182,400. The estimated number of fixed telephone lines is 45,000; mobile phones, 159,000; and internet users, 107,000.

Puerto La Cruz, Area Code 281 – Puerto La Cruz is a Caribbean port city located in Anzoátegui State. It is home to the Puerto La Cruz refinery and is the terminus of a large oil pipeline. Its population is 454,312. The estimated number of fixed telephone lines is 112,000; mobile phones, 397,000; and internet users, 267,000.

Puerto Ordaz, Area Code 286 – In 1961, the unification of Puerto Ordaz and San Félix resulted in the formation of Ciudad Guayana, which stretches 40 km along the Orinoco River. This is an industrial city with aluminum manufacturers, iron ore processing, steelmaking, and the country’s main electricity producer. Corporación Venezolana de Guayana (CVG) controls the port of Puerto Ordaz. The 2001 population of Ciudad Guayana was 1,050,283. The estimated number of fixed telephone lines in Ciudad Guayana is 258,000; mobile phones, 918,000; and internet users, 617,000.

Punto Fijo, Area Code 269 – Punto Fijo is the capital city of the municipality of Carirubana in Falcón State. Its economy includes two refineries, an important fishing fleet, and electronic and light manufacturing plants. Its urban population as of 2011 was 277,017. The estimated number of fixed telephone lines is 68,000; mobile phones, 242,000; and internet users, 163,000.

San Cristóbal, Area Code 276 – San Cristóbal is the capital city of Táchira State. It is located in the northern Andes at an elevation of 818 m (2,684 ft). The city’s industries include agriculture, meat production, and manufacturing. In 2010, the population of the city was 645,925, and the urban area population was 1,015,623. The estimated number of fixed telephone lines in the urban area is 249,000; mobile phones, 888,000; and internet users, 597,000.

Valencia, Area Code 241 – Valencia is the capital of Carabobo State. It is a hub for industrial and manufacturing companies. In 2010, the municipality’s population was 1,827,165. The estimated number of fixed telephone lines in the municipality is 449,000; mobile phones, 1,600,000 mobile phones; and internet users, 1,070,000.

Communications in Venezuela

There is ample reason to invest in Venezuela virtual numbers. In 2016, the country’s population was 31,568,179. It had 7,752,232 fixed telephone lines, 27,600,893 mobile phones, and 18,547,381 internet users. Consider the impact of a Venezuela virtual number on your company’s communication with the Venezuelan population.

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