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India is a large country with the second largest population in the world which continues to grow.

India has many qualities that make it a suitable country for setting up a new profitable business venture though! The stable environment of the Indian politics coupled with its responsive administration bestows a healthy business environment for new enthusiasts and established businesses.

If you plan to start your own business in India, the land of diverse cultures, traditions, and a great repository of natural resources will provide you with a concrete platform to expand your business at an international level.

You would do well to make sure that the customer base is aware of your business presence; else all other activities could turn out to be futile. In case you do not plan to move to India, it is still possible to stay connected with your Indian customers using Global Call Forwarding’s India virtual phone systems. Thanks to these virtual phone numbers, you will be able to make your presence felt in India as someone will always be there to attend your call.

If you want to start a new business in any new country, you must have knowledge about its traditions, customs, and economy. Let’s ascertain some more details about the Indian economy.

Economy of India

The CSO (Central Statistics Organization) and IMF (International Monetary Fund) point out that India has developed into one of the world’s major economies thanks to a fast growth rate. As per the Economic Survey of 2015-16, the economy of India is set to grow over 7 % during 2016-17.

Thanks to new and upcoming reforms announced by the government, Indian economy grew at a healthy pace in 2015. According to a report released Fitch Ratings Agency, it is predicted that India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will grow by 8% in FY 2018-19.

On account of government initiatives like the Digital India and Make in India, many foreign companies are looking forward to establishing their business in India. The automobile, real estate, textile, medical, hardware, steel, tourism, and airlines have made significant contributions to the Indian GDP.

The Indian government has also launched a new initiative for creating 100 smart cities along with the AMRUT (Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation). This would unfold in 100 cities with an investment of USD 7.47 billion (Rs 48,000 crore). These cities will comprise of modern infrastructure and will connect digitally. The project was launched on the 25th June 2015. Steps like these are poised to bring about a gradual improvement in the nation’s economic condition.

What is an India Virtual Phone System?

Indian virtual phone systems are cloud-managed phone systems that are used with virtual phone numbers, also known as access numbers or DID numbers. It is simply a telephone system that is not directly associated with a telephone line. Virtual numbers are programmed to route incoming calls from a number chosen by the user to any fixed line, mobile or VoIP device.

For any new business endeavor, missing out on business calls from customers can be disastrous. Thanks to Indian virtual phone numbers, you no longer need to remain confined in the cabin all day long. Simply forward all calls to your cell phone or any number of your choice, and you will never miss a call again!

It is also possible to configure the India virtual phone numbers to ring simultaneously and sequentially to a number of phone numbers within the country. Calls to this virtual number can be easily forwarded to home landlines, office phones, cell phones, and satellite phones.

Benefits of India Virtual Phone Systems

If you want to sustain an effective branding, India virtual phone systems can be a very handy asset. Branding remains one of the key elements in the marketing of a product or brand name, something which can be accomplished using the Global Call Forwarding service.

Global Call Forwarding services offer a lot of interesting features:

  • Professional approach – You can now impress your customers across the globe with a professional greeting and customizable voice menu. You can also keep your business running after hours via either a greeting or by simply call forwarding or voice mail.
  • Always reachable – With an India virtual phone system, you can quickly pick up a call, or forward calls when all your agents or employees are busy. You will never have to miss a call from an important client thanks to special call routing options.
  • Easy setup – Subscribe and use! Simply, use your existing phone line. No new hardware is needed.
  • Extensions for everyone – Whether you have a single employee or several dozens of them, you can easily create an extension for each of them. You can also create extensions for important departments. What’s more? You can add new team mates as your business grows at a very nominal rate.
  • Call Stacking – With Call Stacking, your customer will never hear a busy tone. This feature allows you to receive more than one call at the same time, even if you run your business from a single telephone line.
    Effective task management – All the calls, emails and website requests can be assigned to teammates or reviewed and commented upon. You can use features such as call recording to monitor the calls your business receives.

Starting a new business in India no longer is a difficult and arduous task. Once you choose Global Call Forwarding services for an India virtual phone system, you inexorably open up new gateways of growth and success for your dream business.

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