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201 Area Code – New Jersey

New Jersey often gets a bad rap and seems to be the punchline of many jokes, such as being referred to as the “armpit of America” from time to time. However, New Jersey is actually a very lovely place to live. It is one of the wealthiest cities, with some of the highest education rates, clean beaches, and the state boasts 36 beautiful state parks. Not only that, New Jerseyans have been ranked as the 7th safest drivers on the road. It is the fourth-smallest state but it still boasts a large population of 9 million people. This makes it the 11th most populous state in America. The state is bordered by New York, the Atlantic Ocean, the Delaware River and Pennsylvania. New Jersey is also known as The Garden State and is located in the affluent Mid-Atlantic region. Many states in the Mid-Atlantic boasts high median incomes, and New Jersey is no exception as it was the third-wealthiest state in 2016, the first being another northeastern state, New Hampshire.

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The 201 Area Code – New Jersey

The 201 Area Code – New Jersey is the most popular area code for Jersey City around the Hudson and Bergen counties of the Garden State. This area code was brought into effect in 1947 by AT&T and it was actually the first area code that was introduced from the North American Numbering Plan. The 201 area code – New Jersey was also the first Direct Distance Dialing number and was able to make a call from New Jersey across the country to Alameda, California. The area code began as the code for all of New Jersey, but eventually, because of the rising population, it was redistricted to serve only the Northernmost parts of the state. The introduction of pagers, fax machines, and later cell phones depleted the supply of 201 area code – New Jersey numbers. Eventually, Verizon introduced an idea to “overlay” the area code with a 551 area code, which means that everyone within this area code had to use ten-digit dialing for all phone calls.

The 201 area code – New Jersey is not completely exhausted, though, and a virtual 201 area code – New Jersey can still be purchased on the website Global Call Forwarding. Having a local phone number is very useful for international customers who do not want to change their international phone numbers and for companies who need to do business with customers and clients in the 201 area code – New Jersey area. These virtual phone numbers get redirected to your personal phone or office phone line, therefore you will not need to ditch your current phone, and you can avoid paying the sky-high international calling and SMS rates from the usual phone providers.

New Jersey Economy

New Jersey is one of the wealthiest states in America and the state doesn’t rely on any one specific industry to continue its prosperity. There are several different industries that keep New Jersey’s economy booming, including a large pharmaceutical industry, finance, telecommunications, publishing, agriculture, and tourism. New Jersey’s population is very well-educated, therefore their labor force is highly equipped to keep these industries flourishing.


New Jersey’s strategic positioning near two large bodies of water makes it th

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e perfect location for shipping and tourism. The Port of New York and New Jersey is the busiest port on the Eastern Coast, and the Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal has one of the world’s largest container ports. As for tourism, the state has multiple seaside resorts throughout the Jersey Shore and including Atlantic City, the site of many casino-resorts along its famous boardwalk.

New Jersey Politics

Largely, New Jersey is a fairly liberal state especially on social issues, such as abortion and same-sex marriage. The state is also very harsh on gun control laws. New Jersey has enacted a ban on all assault firearms and does not recognize out of state gun licenses. All gun offenses are treated with harshness and classified as serious felonies. It is also one of a few states that have banned the death penalty. Despite these liberal attitudes, New Jersey was known as a Republican stronghold for many years before electing it’s current Democrat governor in 2016, and voting a majority of Democratic House Representatives and Senators into office. There are several districts in New Jersey that swing back and forth, including Paterson, Cape May, and Somerset counties.

New Jersey Celebrities

New Jersey has been home to many famous musicians and actors. The popular crooner, Frank Sinatra was born in the 201 area code – New Jersey region of Hoboken. Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi are also native-born and both have made several rock-and-roll hits about living in New Jersey, including “Livin On A Prayer” and “Born to Run.” Dionne Warwick, her cousin Whitney Houston, and the hip-hop trailblazers, “Naughty by Nature,” were all raised in the neighborhood of East Orange. Incredible acting legends Meryl Streep and Nathan Lane are also among the famous list of New Jerseyans. Batman technically lives there, too.

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