212 Area Code

In this article, we’ll cover various aspects of the 212 area code. Let’s begin!

Where is the 212 area code?

The 212 area code is an area code for the majority of the borough of Manhattan in New York City, United States (646 and 332 are also area codes for this area). By area, the 212 area code is one of the smallest numbering plan areas in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). Consequently, a business with a 212 area code is perceived by many around the world as having stability and roots in Manhattan’s economically robust environment. Because of the scarcity of phone numbers, phone numbers with this area code are in high demand and can instantly bring your business an elevated level of status.

Let’s take a look at how your business can get a phone number from Global Call Forwarding, a trusted telecom service provider with over two decades of industry experience for small businesses and large enterprises.

How to Get a Phone Number with the 212 Area Code from Global Call Forwarding

The process of getting a New York phone number with a 212 area code from Global Call Forwarding is relatively simple.

Begin by visiting Global Call Forwarding’s homepage at www.globalcallforwarding.com. Once there, you will find dropdown menus under two different headings: Select Your New Phone Number and Enter Your Destination Number.

Under Select, Your New Phone Number, each of the dropdown menus corresponds to the number. First, you will be selecting the country for your phone number. For this example, in order to select the 212 area code, you will select “United States (+1)” as your country code.

Next, you will be selecting a number type. There are a wide variety of number types available from Global Call Forwarding, but for this example, you will select “New York” under the Geographic subheading. Next to the 2nd dropdown menu, you’ll notice that the area code “New York (212)” appears, indicating that you’ve made the correct choice. On the 3rd dropdown menu, you will be given a list of available phone numbers with a 212 area code to select.

212 Area Code New York City Phone Numbers
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Once you’ve selected your new phone number, let’s move on to Enter Your Destination Number. Now, it is time to enter your destination phone number – the phone number where calls will be routed to (more on this concept below). The first step is to select the country code of your destination phone number from the dropdown menu (note: calls can be routed to over 150 countries worldwide). Next, you will enter in the remaining digits of your destination phone number, including area code and so forth. Once completed, click on the button “View Rates & Try for Free.”

After you’ve selected a new 212 area code phone number and entered your destination phone number, you’ll be presented with a variety of payment plans for your usage needs. Select the one that fits your business, or you can opt to try the services for free on a trial basis to see how they can benefit your business (see below). Below the payment plans, you will also be given the option to add optional services, like “outbound calling” and other services by clicking on the appropriate checkboxes.

At this point, the process of getting a 212 area code phone number from Global Call Forwarding is relatively straight-forward. You will enter your contact information, payment and billing information, review your purchase (and be given the option to subscribe to more phone numbers), and finalize your purchase after agreeing to the Terms & Conditions.

Once finalized, a customer service representative from Global Call Forwarding will be in contact with you within 24 hours to help answer any questions that you may have when setting up your new 212 area code phone number.

Now that you know how to obtain a phone number with the 212 area code from Global Call Forwarding, let’s take a look at how you can use these phone numbers and technology behind them.

How to use Virtual Phone Numbers for your Business

Modern 212 area code phone numbers use the Internet to enable instant communication just like landlines, but they come with a number of features that enable them greater efficiency. In the telecom industry, these phone numbers are known as “virtual phone numbers.” When your 212 area code phone number is dialed, inbound calls can be routed to another phone number anywhere around the world. This means that international businesses can have calls routed to their business in another country, which enables foreign companies to gain a legitimate presence in the borough of Manhattan.

Because they use the newest developments in cloud computing, there are various add-ons and features that can enhance how your New York phone numbers are used in your business’ daily operations. These include:

    • Call Recording
    • Simultaneous Ring
    • CallMe Click
    • Outbound Calling
    • Advanced IVR PBX
    • SMS Forwarding
    • Time-Based Routing
    • Black and White Lists
    • Call Transfer
    • Conference Calling
    • Voicemail to Email
    • Customized Greeting
    • Failover Forwarding
    • Fax to Email
    • Local Ringback Tones
    • Sequential Forwarding
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