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New York City Phone Numbers

new york city phone numbers

New York City is the most populous city in America, located on the East Coast of the US in the state of New York. New York City, or NYC, is composed of five boroughs, which include Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island.

The first area code to premiere for New York City phone numbers was 212. AT&T assigned this code to the city back in 1947, and it was used for all five of the boroughs. Eventually, however, New York City phone numbers with area code 212 began to run out and more area codes needed to be introduced. 646 and 332 were instated next for the borough of Manhattan. The 917 area code is an overlay area code for the entire city.

New York City is not the capital of the state of New York but has been called the capital of the world for culture, finance, and media. The city itself is so impactful that it is sometimes referred to as simply, New York, the name of the state. It is a culturally significant city in the US and around the world. It has been nicknamed “the city that never sleeps” since you can find people around at any time of the day or night. Many people migrate to New York City from other states in the US and from other countries around the world. It is a leader in tourism, art, sports, fashion, education, politics, entertainment, technology, and research. New York City is responsible for the coined term a “New York Minute” which refers to an extremely short amount of time. It is believed to be used to describe the instant that a traffic light turns green and the amount of time that passes before a horn is honked.

N.Y.C.,  one of the world’s megacities

The city is home to over 20 million people making it one of the world’s megacities. Over 3 million of those people are immigrants born in other countries outside of the United States. This makes New York the city with the largest foreign-born population in the entire world. In fact, the Chinatown neighborhood of New York City is home to the largest population of Chinese people outside of Asia. Because of this diversity in its citizens, New York City has been dubbed a cultural “melting pot” where over 800 languages are spoken throughout the city.

In addition to its multicultural citizens, New York is also home to the most billionaires. The largest number of billionaires reside in New York City than any other city, not just in the US, but in the entire world. Because of this and other factors, the metropolitan area of New York brings in over a trillion dollars of gross metropolitan product.

New York City is famous for its beautiful Manhattan skyline. NYC contains some of the most unique architecture in the world including the new One World Trade Center and the Ground Zero skyscraper. The city of New York is home to more than 6,000 high rise buildings. Many of these are offices, some of them are apartment buildings, and others are used for commercial purposes.

New York City phone numbers are a necessity for good businesses. Whether your business is located in another state in the US or located internationally, it is a great business move to add a New York City phone number to your business. You will gain access to millions of people without having to find a store location in the high-rent areas of NYC. (The real estate market in NYC is among the most expensive in the world.)

Global Call Forwarding offers several different New York City phone numbers and many different plans that are suitable for a majority of businesses. The New York City phone numbers provided by Global Call Forwarding include the coveted 212 area code. New Yorkers so covet the original area codes that area codes have been referenced in a few Hollywood works, including the Sex and City movie when Carrie Bradshaw breaks her phone and must get a new number. She is distraught with the area code that she receives and calls herself a “917 gal.”

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