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646 Location, History, Details, and Phone Numbers

Area Code 646 serves the Manhattan area, often referred to as “The City,” of New York City (NYC). Manhattan, one of the densely populated boroughs of NYC, is home to the United Nations Headquarters. Often described as the cultural, financial, and entertainment capital of the world, Manhattan makes for a conducive business location.

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646 Area Code Location?

This New York City area code covers the Manhattan area within New York county. The Manhattan borough includes Manhattan Island, Marble Hill, and other smaller islands. The Hudson, East, and Harlem rivers surround Manhattan Island and it is divided as Downtown (Lower), Midtown, and Uptown (Upper) Manhattan. In Manhattan, you will find Central Park, Times Square, the Empire State Building, the Grand Central Terminal, and the Chrysler Building. Popular colleges and universities located here are New York University, Columbia University, Rockefeller University, among others.

What Time Zone Does Area Code 646 Follow?

Like most cities and states on the East Coast, the 646 area code follows Eastern Time (ET) or standard time (EST). And so, from November to March, this New York City area code follows UTC/GMT–5. However, from March to November, the city, like the rest of the country switches to Daylight Savings Time and follows Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), which is UTC/GMT–4. Keep these changes in mind when calling a business or individual in this time zone.

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Why Should You Get an NYC Area Code Phone Number For Your Business?

New York City is the end goal for many companies. It’s diverse and ever-growing population makes it an ideal location for businesses of any kind. However, NYC can be a tough market to compete in as a new business. But, if played carefully, the benefits of doing business here outweigh the risks involved. Getting an area code 646 virtual number can be one such good decision that benefits your company. With a local virtual number, you do not need to have a physical location in NYC, eliminating office space and equipment costs. And reducing your overall costs.

New York City: A Diverse and Ever-Growing Economy

New York City holds the largest regional economy in the United States, and Manhattan is the biggest contributor to this. Manhattan hosts the Financial District (FiDi) in Lower Manhattan and the business district of Midtown Manhattan. It is also home to creative industries such as media, fashion, and advertising. NYC also consists of a very diverse population with people interacting in over 800 languages, making it the most linguistically diverse city across the globe. All of this makes NYC a melting pot nurturing different cultures, businesses, and more. And it caters to a variety of customer profiles, making it easier to target different customers for your business, whether it is a small business or a large enterprise.

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Additional Information about 646 Area Code

Originally, all of NYC and its five boroughs came under area code 212. However, in 1984, the New York Public Service Commission divided NYC into two different numbering plan areas. This led to area code 718 covering Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens, while 212 was limited to Manhattan and Bronx. Then, in 1992, 718 expanded to include the Bronx and Marble Hill of Manhattan. Finally, in 1999, the 646 area code was created to overlay 212 numbers.

Among all the different area codes covering NYC, area code 212 is the most highly regarded because it was the original area code to be assigned to the area. However, due to a shortage of numbers available with 212, the 646 or the 332 area code numbers are now available in its place for business or personal use. Get a New York City virtual phone number from Global Call Forwarding (www.globalcallforwarding.com) today and enter this ever-bustling economy.

Benefits of using a local Area Code

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Be a Local
Expand your business to a new virtual location with a local phone number.

Save on Expenses
Competitive prices offered by Global Call Forwarding will help your business save where it matters the most.

Use virtual phone numbers to track marketing efforts and advertise in specific regions.

Influence perception
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Be Global and Local
Your business may be global, but a phone number with a local area code can be more personable and credible to potential customers.

Mask Your Number
When making outbound calls, your virtual phone number can appear on the caller ID so you don't have to share your personal information.

Stay Reachable
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F A Q | 646 Area Code

The 646 area code is located in the state of New York, and covers approximately 792,085 phone numbers. New York City is the largest city within this area code with a population of about 1,610,434.

If you want to purchase a number with the 646 area code, you can go to a phone services provider such as Global Call Forwarding. If you want your numbers set up as quickly as possible, this company specializes in the best services at the lowest prices.

The 646 area code is located in the Eastern time zone.

The new 646 area code was implemented in November 1997. State officials decided against a plan that would have divided Manhattan geographically into 212 and 646 zones. Existing phone numbers in the 212 area code initially remained unchanged, and the 646 code was assigned only to new telephone numbers throughout Manhattan.

Yes, 212 is the original New York City area code. 917 was added to the entire city in 1992 and the 332 area code was assigned to New York in November of 2015.

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