276 Area Code - Bristol – Virginia Tennesee

Individuals who have a phone number with the area code 276 live in Virginia, USA. If you own a business that reaches out to customers over the phone, you’ve likely dialed this area code before. However, you may not have had much luck converting leads in this region without a local area code number. For these purposes and more, you can purchase a virtual phone number with a 276 area code. This way, you can better conduct business with individuals living in this part of Virginia. And, better prepare yourself to manifest trustworthy business relationships with your clientele base by learning more about the area.

Area Code Location

Most of the phone numbers with the area code 276 are in either of two cities, Bristol or Martinsville. Bristol is the larger of the two cities as it houses a population of around 17,000 people. However, Bristol can’t claim to be the sole and largest city in the area. This is because it is directly on the state line of both Virginia and Tennessee. So, not only is it a Virginian city, but it’s a city in Tennessee as well.

On the other hand, Martinsville is a complete and definite city in Virginia. And it’s the largest of the cities with a 276 area code, if you don’t consider Bristol. With a population of over 12,408 people, this town is likely to have the most residents with a 276 area code phone number. On the map, area code 276 is in the very southwestern corner of Virginia. As it’s the only area code for this part of Virginia, it covers a pretty big region of the state. For example, it services a total of 12 different counties.

The History of This Area Code

Before 2001, the 540 area code serviced residents in all of southwestern Virginia, as well as the northwestern part of the state. But, as this area expanded in population, it was determined that a new area code should be selected. However, only for the southwestern part of the 540 area code’s territory. Thus, on September 1, 2001, area code 276 was born. Today, it’s the home area code for the majority of the New River Valley. Additionally, the tri-cities on the Virginia side.

276 Area Code - Bristol Virginia Tennessee
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Details About The 276 Area Code

If you look at a Virginia area code map, you’ll notice the 276 area code spans 6917.31 square miles. And, is home to over 662,092 Virginian (and some Tennessean) residents. Furthermore, it is in the Eastern Daylight Time time zone. This means that residents here share the same time with other Eastern US states like Connecticut, Maine, and Maryland.

The Benefits of Living in This Part of Virginia

Surely, there is much to love about living in southwest Virginia. To be more specific, we’ll talk about living in the area code’s largest city, Martinsville. Residents of the city tell of a blossoming arts and cultural scene and many nature trails and fishing spots. Plus, of course, the Martinsville Speedway, which is the biggest attraction in the town and holds NASCAR races each year. When it comes to affordability, this city seems fair. It records a median salary of $27,746 with the average home costing around $78,100. With these numbers, it’s easy to see why most of the residents here can own homes.

The Cons of Living in This Part of Virginia

As there are many benefits to living in Martinsville, VA, and surrounding areas, there are some cons as well. Before doing business in this area, it’s important to note that the unemployment rate is below the national average. Currently, it’s at 5% (national average is 3.9%). So, this means finding and maintaining a stable job might be challenging. Especially for new residents and even people looking for temporary work. Furthermore, the educational setting of this part of Virginia could be better. For example, public school systems spend an average of $10,945 for every student. The national average is $12,383 per student. This means that the average student enrolled in this area may not get as many opportunities as students living elsewhere.

Doing Business in Southwestern Virginia with Virtual Phone Numbers

Do you want to increase your consumer audience reach to the southwestern Virginia region? However, not sure if you can because you don’t own a business locally? Well, virtual phone numbers provide businesses with the opportunity to purchase local phone numbers in many locations. And, they can be set up with any area code, including the 276 area code. Here at Global Call Forwarding, we offer virtual phone numbers for virtually any local area code. To get your virtual phone number to begin calling people residing in southwestern Virginia, contact us today.

F A Q | 276 Area Code Bristol

The 276 area code serves two cities, Bristol and Martinsville in southwest Virginia.

Bristol area codes include 276 and 959.

The 276 area code follows Eastern standard time (EST) which is five hours behind GMT (GMT−5).

Global Call Forwarding can help you get a 276 area code number. Browse through our inventory and find the number you need.

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