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To dial out to people in West Virginia for business, you may need to dial the 681 area code. But, without a West Virginia phone number, this can be challenging. With virtual phone numbers, you can call people that live in any area. And, connect with them on a better level by offering a business phone number with their area code. Before diving in and adding virtual phone numbers to your office, find out more about area code 681. Additionally, it will help to understand how virtual phone numbers can help to reach people with 681 phone numbers. 

Area Code Location

The 681 area code is actually the area code for the entire state of West Virginia. So, it covers the entire 24,230 square miles of the state. It works to service the whole state because West Virginia is a pretty small state. It’s ranked 41 in size out of the 50 United States. Furthermore, it doesn’t have a large population. Therefore, the area code works to cover the whole state fairly well. 

History of This Area Code

While the 681 area code does cover the whole state of West Virginia, it’s not the only one that does so. West Virginia was actually the last state using a singular area code. But, in 2009, the 301 area code was finally running out of available numbers. So, there was a debate about whether or not to give specific areas of the state their own area codes. Or, create an overlay to pair with the 301 area code. Of course, the answer was an overlay of the 681 area code, so it went into effect in 2008. 

Details About This Area

West Virginia is known for being a part of the Appalachian region. So, it boasts magnificent mountain ranges and expansive forests. Geographically, its neighbors are Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and Maryland. This is due to its unusual shape, with two panhandles and a unique border. As far as population, it is the 38th most populated state in the US. With a population of just under 1.8 million, the area code 681 services all of these individuals. 

Life in West Virginia

(Those that love the great outdoors can appreciate the abundant natural beauty of West Virginia. Similarly, with rolling hills, many state parks, and hundreds of hiking trails, outdoor adventures are endless. Some of the most popular cities to live in this state include Morgantown, Charleston, and Huntington. Additionally, residents of West Virginia can enjoy a low-cost of living. For example, the median home price is only $95,900. So, those that like a small-town feel can buy a home for a great price in this state. 

Charleston, West Virginia Skyline
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A Few Cons of West Virginia

Certainly, just like any other place, there are cons to living in West Virginia. While it’s a beautiful place to live, it can be hard for many to live comfortably. So, without a decent-paying job, even though the cost of living is low, people still struggle. Additionally, some residents report of not loving the rainy weather. Thus, it’s not the best residential choice for people that aren’t fond of damp, cool locations. 

Closing: Doing Business in West Virginia With Virtual Phone Numbers

Above all, knowing more about the 681 area code and its location can help you do better business in this area. But, if you have a remote business, your phone company may not offer phone numbers with this area code. Fortunately, virtual phone numbers, like the ones offered by Global Call Forwarding, are a simple solution. They use the internet to connect with the business phone system you already have. This way, you don’t even need to purchase new equipment. You can even set your new West Virginia phone number up on your mobile device. Just simply choose the business phone number you want to use. Then, select the features you want to utilize, to personalize your account. And, go through the simple set up process to start making calls. To learn more about virtual numbers for your business, contact us today. 

F A Q | 681 Area Code West Virgina

The 681 area code covers most of West Virginia and the major city of Charleston.

The 681 area code and West Virginia follow the Eastern standard time (GMT−5).

If you want to take your business to West Virginia and expand your customer base, then a 681 area code phone number can prove helpful. Establish a local virtual presence by using a local number, even if your business is located elsewhere.

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