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702 Area Code – Las Vegas

The entire state of Nevada shares a few different area codes: 702, 775, and 725. The 702 area code serves one of America’s most famous cities, Las Vegas, which is located in Clark County and observes the Pacific Time Zone. Las Vegas is known for its lively nightlife, 24-hour casinos, and some of the world’s best entertainment acts. Although Las Vegas is found in the middle of the Mojave Desert surrounded by desert vegetation and rugged mountainsides, it is home to over 632,000 people.

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702 Area Code – Las Vegas Phone Numbers

The 702 area code – Las Vegas was the original area code for all of Nevada before the population grew to where multiple area codes were needed to handle the expansion. The 702 area code continues to serve Las Vegas, while the area code 725 overlays the rest of Vegas. The 775 area code serves the state of Nevada outside of Clark County, including the cities of Reno, Carson City, and Elko. Because of the need for a second area code for only Las Vegas, 10 digit dialing is required throughout the city.

Las Vegas is world-renowned for their signature entertainment industry which includes heavy gambling. However, Las Vegas is also home to many cultural institutions, too. The Smith Center For Performing Arts in the beautiful Symphony Park is a world-class performing center that has hosted many Broadway shows, operas, jazz shows, and ballets. There are negative connotations that Las Vegas is an adults-only playground, but there are actually many attractions and suburban areas that are perfect for families to grow and create a life away from the strip. The average annual salary for a person living in Las Vegas is $43,480 and the unemployment rate is slightly above the national average of 4.1%, with 5.1% unemployed. With the majority of people working, combined with the fact that the cost of living is way below other standard metropolitan costs, most people who live and work in Las Vegas have expendable income. The excellent job prospects of Las Vegas is just one of the many reasons why the 702 area code – Las Vegas is a great place to start a new business or expand a present business.

The 702 area code aka, the entertainment capital of the world, attracts around 43 million people yearly to their beautiful resort city each year. Tourism and gaming are obviously the top industries in the 702 area code, but school systems, the government, hospitality, and technology still employ a large number of the population. This is probably due to the efforts that the city has been putting into diversifying the economy for their residents. By forgoing state taxes for individuals and corporations, many businesses have become very successful.

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Getting a 702 Area Code – Las Vegas Number

There are ways to join the leagues of other successful businesses around Vegas without actually leaving your residence. A good place to start when you’re thinking about expanding your business to Las Vegas is to secure a 702 area code – Las Vegas virtual phone number so that you are able to communicate easily with your customers. Communication is important between a business and a consumer because it creates trust, and in turn trust becomes loyalty.

Businesses should always be striving to better serve the customers who are loyal to their brand.

Having a number for the 702 area code – Las Vegas area means that you can reach clients in Las Vegas without having to live in that particular city.

Global Call Forwarding provides virtual phone numbers which allow you to have 702 area code – Las Vegas phone numbers, with the ability to forward phone calls from these numbers to another line. These line do not even have to be telephone or cell phone lines; you can also forward these virtual calls to a desktop computer or tablet. Wherever you are and wherever you go, your customers will be able to reach you thanks to the many features included in plans from Global Call Forwarding.

Get Local with the 702 Area Code – Las Vegas

Having a presence in multiple cities at the same time does not hinder you to your local audience. The ability to reach millions of people outside of your area could mean a great deal for your company. Numbers for 702 area code – Las Vegas can be purchased by an individual or by businesses. If this is your first foray into the call forwarding world, do not be discouraged. It is very simple to set up a virtual phone number and there are very few start-up costs. A reliable headset may be the biggest investment you’ll have to make.

Several features are standard with 702 area code – Las Vegas numbers. Features like customized voicemails, ringback tones, SMS forwarding, and easy access to a customer account page makes any business, no matter the size, feel like a big corporation. Contact Global Call Forwarding to learn more about their services and features to see why a virtual phone number is the next step in expanding your business.

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