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Area code 786 came into effect in 1998 to serve the city of Miami, which is the county seat of Miami-Dade County. Miami is considered the financial, cultural, and economic center of South Florida. A local number will place your enterprise in this booming economy and lead you to expand among its customer base.

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Location: 786 Area Code

Florida is located on the southeastern end of the United States. 786 area code covers the southern part of the state’s most prosperous area, Miami-Dade County. Major cities that come under this calling code are: Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Hialeah, Key West, and more. The area code also serves the citizens of Monroe County, the largest county of the state, which consists of the Florida Keys. The Keys are a chain of tropical islands stretching off the southern tip of Florida.

Time Zone Followed by Area Code 786

Since the United States is a geographically large country, it is spread across different time zones. These mainly include Eastern Time, Pacific Time, and Mountain Time, among others. Because South Florida lies on the East Coast, it follows Eastern Standard Time (EST). This time runs five hours behind the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), that is, UTC–5. From March to November, however, the entire country switches to daylight saving time. And so, eastern states observe Eastern Daylight Savings (EDT), which is UTC–4.

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Can a 786 Local Number Benefit Your Business?

A US phone number with a 786 area code will help you enter the South Florida market. And it will open a mode of communication with customers from this area. Known as the “cargo gateway” of the Americas, Port of Miami and the Miami International airport function as major entry points for global business. It is a major tourism hub drawing immigrants and visitors with its cruise port, hotels, restaurants, and more. In fact, many people don't know that Miami has the title of the “cruise capital of the world.” Because of these reasons, having a commerce connection with the city can prove beneficial for your enterprise. And a 786 area code number will help achieve that goal.

Industries in Miami

Miami is a heavily urbanized and modern city boasting high-rise buildings, large corporations, and a central business district. It is a major leader in commerce, finance, media, entertainment, as well as international trade. Furthermore, it was classified as an Alpha-level global city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network (GaWC). Miami earned this title alongside London, New York, Dubai, and Shanghai because it functions as a major economic state. Greater Downtown Miami is home to one of the largest concentrations of banks from across the world. Some of the other major industries include tourism, biotech and medical research, media and telecommunications, and agriculture, among many more.

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  • Become part of Miami’s growing economic and cultural community
  • Add new customer bases to your client list
  • Open a virtual office in the state without relocating
  • Forward incoming business calls to remote Florida employees.

The Sunshine State

South Florida is a state known for its tourism, international business capabilities, and beaches. Often perceived as a vacation state, there is actually so much more to this state that makes it a popular location for business and pleasure.

Miami, specifically, is the city that draws tourists from near and far as it boasts tasteful cuisine, museums, bars, watersports, cruises, and more. The city also holds one of the best art deco nightclub districts. Miami also draws students from all over the country for its popular public and private universities. These include Florida International University, Keiser University, Miami International University of Art & Design, Nova Southeastern University, and the University of Miami, among many others.

Miami’s cuisine is as diverse as its population. Here you will find food heavily influenced by Caribbean and Latin American cuisine, inventing a new style of cooking called Floribbean cuisine. That aside, it is home to headquarters of classics like Benihana and Burger King. Museums like HistoryMiami, Institute of Contemporary Art, Pérez Art Museum, and Vizcaya Museum are some of the city’s most visited attractions.

Additionally, Miami is a flourishing agricultural region as well as a major corporate center. The city’s proximity to the Everglades National Park and the Biscayne National Park makes it a wonderful location to learn about and explore South Florida’s unique natural habitats.

Benefits of using a local Area Code

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Your business may be global, but a phone number with a local area code can be more personable and credible to potential customers.

Mask Your Number
When making outbound calls, your virtual phone number can appear on the caller ID so you don't have to share your personal information.

Stay Reachable
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F A Q | 786 Area Code

If you want to purchase a number with the 786 area code, you can go to a phone services provider such as Global Call Forwarding. If you want your numbers set up as quickly as possible, this company specializes in the best services at the lowest prices.

The 786 area code is located in the Eastern time zone. The Eastern time zone also covers locations such as New York, Atlanta, and everywhere from Maine to Florida.

In 1947, the first area code plan was introduced and the entire state was given the area code of 305. 305 later became the area code for South East Florida. Area code 786 was officially put into service in 1998 and is an overlay of area code 305 covering Miami-Dade County.

Yes, 305 also covers the same area as 786. Area codes 954/754 covers the Broward area, while 561 covers the West Palm Beach area. Further North up the Treasure Coast is 772.

786 area code covers the southern part of the state’s most prosperous area, Miami-Dade County.

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