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blended call center software
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Call Center Tools for Small Business

A blended call center software is a cloud-based business telephony solution. It gives your business features and tools to handle incoming and outgoing calls effectively. Reduce wait time, improve office productivity, route calls automatically, and enhance caller experience.

You can customize these features to fit your business’s communication needs and adjust settings (add new users, change routing rules, etc.) as your business scales and grows.

Affordable Call Center Solutions for All Business Types

Global Call Forwarding offers cost-effective call center solutions so that businesses of every size and type can use call and voice solutions to improve business communication and caller experience.

Blended Call Center Software Features

A blended call center software gives you access to advanced call management features such as:

Cloud Phone Numbers
Access to local and international toll-free numbers from more than 160 countries worldwide.

International Call Forwarding
Forward incoming calls to any location and device around the world.

Advanced Call Routing
Route calls to different numbers based on pre-determined routing rules such as time-based or location-based routing.Call Flow Builder
Build personalized call flows to manage incoming calls and improve caller experience.

Hosted Call Recording
Record incoming and outgoing calls and review them later for quality assurance and liability protection.

Call Masking
Hide or mask your caller ID with matching local area codes when making outbound calls.

Web-based phone to make and receive calls from any device and location.Check out all the features offered by Global Call Forwarding.

What Can Your Business Do with Call Center Software
check Advanced call management
Improved call handling for both inbound and outbound calls.
check Remote team communication
Support for remote, distributed, and global teams within one centralized communication system.
check Reduced communication costs
Competitive pricing for local and long-distance communication; no additional hardware needed.
check Improved office productivity
Distribute workload efficiently across different teams and use call metrics to monitor productivity.
check Increased flexibility and mobility
Users can make business calls from any location and device, making your business always reachable.
check Access to premium call features
Choose from a wide range of features and tools to create a business phone system fit for your business.
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How to Get Blended Call Center Software?

Your business can get blended call center software and features with a cloud phone number plan from Global Call Forwarding. We offer virtual numbers along with a wide range of call center features and tools. Whether your teams are located in-house, remote, or spread globally, we can help set up a reliable business communication system.

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