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Basics of IVR Systems for Small Businesses

Interactive voice response or cloud IVR picks up inbound calls and assists callers with their inquiries. Whether it forwards callers to the right department or helps them accomplish common tasks, an IVR system simplifies call management for small businesses.

IVR solutions for small businesses guide callers through menu options based on your pre-set call flow. Customized menu options are easy for callers to use, requiring either a keypad input or a voice response. Then, the automated system directs them to the appropriate destination, provides information, or carries out a simple task. Overall, cloud IVR makes business communication easy and automated.

Getting Started with an IVR System for Small Business

We offer IVR solutions for small businesses with each of our five virtual number plans. With our cloud IVR, you can manage inbound calls and fully customize how calls move through your system, from anywhere.

Cloud IVR Solutions For Your Business

Advanced IVR offers many solutions to streamline your business’ call process and improve caller experience. Let’s review some solutions cloud IVR provides for small businesses:

  • Never Miss Another Call with an IVR System – Cloud IVR automatically answers every incoming call immediately with a personalized greeting, even if you have a high call volume. This helps establish a professional and reliable business communication system.
  • Customizable Menu Options – Adapt your automated system to the needs of your business and consumers. Our service enables you to build an effective cloud IVR system with personalized menu options from scratch. A customizable menu not only provides a unique caller experience, but also a structured service.
  • Self-Service – A smart, automated system allows customers to complete simple tasks or access information, without talking to an agent. Self-service options provide immediate service to your consumers at any time. This capability reduces hold times and your employee’s workload.
  • Call Forwarding – Forward calls to the correct agent or department, locally and internationally. Call forwarding with cloud IVR eliminates the possibility of consumers being transferred from department to department. Ultimately, it decreases customer frustration and boosts efficiency across all your teams.
  • Routing Capabilities – Help your teams stay connected with customers no matter the location, time of day, or workload volume. We provide numerous call routing strategies available for all your business needs with our IVR system. Call routing helps sustain business continuity and reduces call abandonment rates.
  • Flexible Service – Provide round-the-clock, international service and manage your phone system from anywhere in the world with small business IVR. With self-service and routing capabilities, your business is always accessible. This way, you never lose out on new business opportunities!
How Does an IVR System Improve Small Business Communication?

A cloud IVR system for small business helps your customers get assistance quickly and improves the way customers interact with your teams. Here are some benefits of implementing an IVR solution:

check Optimize employee workload IVR effectively manages calls, freeing employees to work on more complex cases that need a human touch.
check Reduce costs Cut down on receptionist, operator, and IVR costs by choosing our affordable, easy-to-use cloud IVR system.
check Deliver better customer service Quickly answer incoming calls and reduce handling and wait times to improve the quality of your service.
check Create clear branding Develop customized greetings, messages, and voicemails that clearly reflect your brand’s voice.
check Drive business growth Retain current customers and stay on top of incoming opportunities by decreasing the chance of missed or dropped calls.
check Be accessible 24/7 Always be available to your customers, regardless of location or time of day.

The Foundation of a Successful IVR Design

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A well-thought cloud IVR menu and call flow increase the quality of your call process and caller experience. Putting thought into the creation of a call flow will set you apart from the competition. Here are some areas to consider before you start building your IVR menu:

1. Target Audience

Considering your target market helps establish customer-friendly call flow and fulfills consumers’ needs. If you have an international customer base, you’ll need to set up call routing strategies to remain always accessible to them. Additionally, think about including multilingual options and popular requests to create a tailored menu and call flow.

2. Information to Include

When struggling to decide on options and information to include in your IVR menu, use your target audience as your guide. Take a look at feedback, popular services, recurring questions, customer pain points, and more. Overall, the most important information to include is your business name, so the caller knows who they’ve reached.

3. Branding

Anytime you communicate with customers, you should use the brand’s voice. It is an opportunity to craft a clear, consistent, and professional image for your business. You should opt for human voice (instead of automated voice) prompts and include empathy where it’s necessary. When recording a new prompt or message, make sure to capture the right tone of voice. This will breathe life into your cloud IVR system and help consumers connect with the brand.

4. Simplify the Process

Although advanced IVR allows you to create complex call flows, do not provide callers with too many options. Excessive menu options will confuse the caller and ultimately elongate the call process. Additionally, simplifying the call process means providing solutions to your consumer’s inquiries quickly and effectively.

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