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Interested in starting or expanding your business at the intersection of history and modern culture? Then it’s time you look into marketing your company in the city of Cairo, a historical gem that is 1,000 years old. Cairo is home to some of the world’s most ancient mysteries while also boasting a thriving and modern landscape.

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Location and Getting Around Cairo

Cairo is located along the Nile Delta and has grown through the years alongside the Nile River. The city lies on the river’s eastern side, in the Northeastern part of Egypt. Most areas of the city are along the river bank. Interestingly, just 300 years ago, the area where Cairo now stands was underwater.

Many people think of Cairo as being centuries old, and there are portions that are. Certain areas of Cairo, such as Giza, were once ruled over by pharaohs in ancient Egypt. The pyramids, the Great Sphinx, and the burial grounds of pharaohs were constructed in the same area that modern-day Giza now stands.

Today, Cairo is a city designed for convenience, with extensive roads and highways that allow access to smaller villages on the outskirts of the city. Cairo also features advanced subway and tram systems. The infrastructure is vital, as Cairo is considered the second largest metropolitan region in all of Africa.

Cairo’s Economy

If you’re going to pick a city in Egypt to do business in, there is nowhere better than Cairo. The area remains vital to the Egyptian economy. Cairo’s population makes up 11% of all of Egypt and almost a quarter of the entire Egyptian economy. Media outlets, half the country’s hospital beds, film studios, and universities, are all located in Cairo. There at least eight car manufacturers or assemblers located in Cairo as well.

Cairo is a historic city but it’s not entirely ancient — one in five buildings were built less than 15 years ago. The growth of the area is so explosive that some have used the term “hyper-urbanization” to describe the city’s growth.

Temperature and Recreation

Cairo is a city situated in the desert, and as such, temperatures follow the standard desert climate pattern. Although that can include hot, dry days, it is not always sweltering heat — the wintertime and even nighttime temperatures in the summer invite people to do things outside with temperate, comfortable overnight temperatures in the high 60s. Luckily you won’t have to contend with snow — the last recorded snowfall occurred in 2013.

Make sure to take some time to enjoy the sporting events in the area, because Cairo is well-known for its love of competition. Annual football (soccer) tournaments, featuring well-known rivalries are held in huge football stadiums that have smaller fields surrounding them. These fields are where the African Games are held, as well as numerous other regional competitions. Cairo also hosted the 2007 Pan Arab Games.

Cairo also features events for Rugby; the Egyptian Rugby Federation is now a part of the International Rugby Board. Squash is also a vital part of the sports scene; Egyptian players regularly rank within the top-ten ranked players, and in 2016, an Egyptian player became the youngest female to win a World Championship.

Art, Culture, and History

The people of Cairo appreciate art and culture, and the features of the city are evidence of their commitment to fine arts. The Cairo Opera House is newer, having replaced the former house which was damaged by fire after its destruction in 1869.

Egypt is, of course, considered to be the location where much of civilization began, and it remains one of the most interesting ancient civilizations.

Tahrir Square is the location of the 2011 revolution, and the Egyptian Museum is home to more historical Egyptian artifacts than anywhere in the world. The so-called “Old Cairo” is home to the Fortress of Babylon, the Ben Ezra Synagogue (the oldest synagogue in Cairo), and the first Egyptian mosque. The area is dotted with historical mosques and mausoleums.

The Citadel of Cairo was part of a large defensive plan to protect the area from foreign invaders in 1176 AD. It housed the Egyptian government until 1874, but the area is still occupied by the Egyptian military, and houses the National Military Museum, where tourists visit the structures daily.

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