Communications rule the contemporary world. With cloud communications galloping ahead, geo-political boundaries have been eliminated and you are accessible anywhere in the world at any time. That’s the magic when you buy a phone number. You are able to constantly connect with your colleagues and clients, without which doing successful business will be impossible.

How to Buy a Phone Number

The 4-step process to buy a phone number is indeed simple. You get into the service provider’s website and sign up or log in if your account already exists. Pay for the initial amount or invest more into the existing balance; buy a phone number and any associated phone service required, and complete the procedure by making all the necessary settings operational and setup functions needed.

You can buy a phone number for calls, fax, or SMS along with additional services such as voicemail; conditional call forwarding; call recording & history; IVR menu; welcome message, and hold with music (hopefully it is not terrible and aggravating elevator music!). Your calls will also get forwarded to mobile, landlines, virtual call centers, email, and SIP.


You not only get the most reasonable prices for your bought numbers but you also stand to eliminate any expensive equipment, roaming or SIM cards. These numbers with a call forwarding advantage simplify your work substantially the world over and you are accessible to and from over 140 countries.

Moreover, all service providers guarantee super connection quality; a huge database of  numbers in any country of your choice; additional free phone services; confidentiality and safety of all personal data exchanged; super-efficient 24/7 support online; and guidance to all clients to choose the most convenient number required.

Buy a Phone Number for your Business

One thing’s for sure: When you buy a phone number, your business will be put on the commercial map of the world. This would increase your productivity as you would be at par with some of the largest and most powerful companies in the world, at least infrastructure wise. You get to project a more professional business image while also enjoying telecommunications facilities that were hitherto beyond the reach of small businesses running on modest budgets.

The single phone number with its advanced call forwarding features enables people to reach you without keeping track of too many office and cell phone numbers. It’s also your way of saying that you have a local business which many people prefer.

Your bought number gives your customers the impression that you do have an office in a particular country. For instance, when you buy a US phone number, a call made to the US gets forwarded anywhere across the globe, enables you to make an outgoing call using your US virtual number on a mobile app or soft phone, forward an incoming call to a regular landline or cell phone, VoIP, SIP, or virtual call center at a negligible rate.

When you buy a phone number for a particular country, you actually establish a presence in that country for your website or business. A US DID number for instance, will enable you to get in touch with customers who you thought never existed.

Current and potential clients will surely appreciate your having a local number and you could definitely have any calls forwarded to any VOIP device, while paying a flat rate for any number of incoming calls to the number. Once you buy a phone number, you’ll be surprised at the number of potential callers there could be within US national limits you were unaware of.

Your new phone number will make your presence felt worldwide and that too, within a couple of minutes. Any customer calling you from anywhere in the world just enjoys the privilege of calling at the cheap local rate. Should they be subscribers of a local flat-rate plan, they even get to call you for free! It saves their costs and improves your bottom line – a win-win situation all the way. Kind of like watching Transformers, House of Cards, The Walking Dead, 24, and reading Taylor Caldwell’s Dear and Glorious Physician – you know that is going to be a win-win.

Your Personal Connector

Once you buy a phone number, staying in touch with your loved ones becomes a cakewalk. No matter where they may be, any calls they make will automatically get diverted to your phone. You also save heavily on international call costs when you call someone abroad. Just ask them to get a virtual number in their country and call you from it. Local charges will be applicable. That’s the fun of it.

You have the option of getting accessed from more than 140 countries all over the world and you get to receive the calls on your VoIP or any mobile phone or landline number.

Make this happen and watch your sales expand and your bottom line soar!