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Communications rule the contemporary world. With virtual telephony galloping ahead, geo-political boundaries have been eliminated and you are accessible anywhere in the world at any time.

How to Buy a Phone Number?

The 4-step process of buying a number is indeed simple. It’s pretty straightforward, especially if you’re using one of the better, more established companies to buy a phone number. Basically, you will get into the service provider’s website and sign up or login if your account already exists. Pay up the initial amount or top up the existing balance; choose a virtual number and any associated phone service required and complete the procedure by making all the necessary settings operational and setup functions needed. And that’s it!

In addition, you can buy numbers for calls, fax, or SMS along with additional services like voicemail, conditional call forwarding, call recording & history, IVR menu, and a welcome message and hold with music. Your calls can also be forwarded to Skype, email, and SIP, if you’d prefer.

Advantages that Come When You Buy a Phone Number

Once you get your personal phone number, staying in touch with your business associates, clients, and faraway loved ones becomes incredibly simple and affordable. No matter where they may be, any calls made will automatically get diverted to your phone. You will also save heavily on international call costs when calling others abroad. To make things even more cost effective and convenient, in regards to calls from friends and family, you can ask them to get a virtual number in their country and call you from it. Local charges will be most likely be applicable.

You have the option of getting accessed from more than 60 countries all over the world and you get to receive the calls on Skype, VoIP, or any mobile phone or landline number. Moreover, no hardware purchase is required as the whole thing is cloud-based and there’s no need to change your present telephony provider. When you get a virtual number, you enable your friends, family, and customers to communicate with you everywhere in the world, as you can maintain versatile phone service, with voice presence from anywhere.

Most providers of call forwarding services offer a virtual number. The unbundled providers call these DID or direct inward dial numbers. Typically, these are given out as local geographic numbers in numerous selected cities or even as toll-free numbers, with non-geographic numbers charging a higher cost per minute per receiving calls.

As per stipulations of the NANP or North American Numbering Plan, follow-me numbers have area codes of 500 & 533. These are called Personal Communications Service. Similarly in the UK, virtual numbers have the non-geographic prefix of 070 and fall under the PNS or Personal Numbering Service.

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