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International business continues to drive a globalized economy. With these changes come new markets that never before were open for foreign investment. Take Qatar, for example. This Arab country has gone from virtual nonexistence on the world scene, to establishing itself as a prominent world economy. Despite the openness of its market, Qatar still presents challenges to businesses hoping to tap into it. Developing a sustainable communication plan is imperative for any foreign business that would like to establish itself in Qatar. This is where Qatar Call Forwarding and virtual phone numbers come in.

Advanced phone forwarding technology, however, makes moving into the Qatar marketplace much easier. At Global Call Forwarding, we help businesses establish themselves without opening up brick and mortar locations with Qatar call forwarding services. Advanced Qatar call forwarding helps businesses penetrate the current economic climate of Qatar and expand their business.

Prior to setting sights on Qatar, businesses must first understand both the economy and proper business-to-consumer relations in their traditional context. Let’s take a look at how Qatar operates and how Qatar call forwarding can prove beneficial to businesses over the short and long term.

Qatar’s Economy—What to Expect When Doing Business in Qatar

Qatar is one of the most oil-rich countries in the world. Recent dips in oil prices, however, have limited its growth in the past few years. Regardless, Qatar was able to avoid a budget deficit in 2015, further encouraging foreign business investment.

Qatar’s economic growth is due primarily to its massive oil and gas production. In addition to their precious fuel reserves, Qatar also enjoys strong financial services, construction, manufacturing, and non-energy related sectors. Currently, alternative industries make up just under half of Qatar’s overall GDP.

The government of Qatar focuses its efforts on building both natural gas and oil reserves but also has turned its attention to foreign and private investments in sectors other than those related to energy. Despite these recent changes in economic policy, however, it continues to rely heavily on its oil and gas exports, which consist of nearly one half of government revenue and some 90 percent of export revenues.

Because of its awesome amount of gas and oil reserves (making up some 13 percent of the total proven amount in the world), Qatar has one of the highest per-capita incomes of any country. Unemployment is also virtually nonexistent, and the country’s wealth does not go unnoticed by foreign investors and businesses, which is why its economy continues to show growth year after year. Qatar’s recent bid for the 2022 World Cup has only furthered its economy, thanks in part to infrastructure updates and other government-sponsored development.

What is Call Forwarding?

Armed with a greater economic understanding of Qatar, businesses are turning their interests to the country by first establishing their business through open communication. One way they are doing this is by investing in Qatar call forwarding services.

Phone forwarding allows a business, say in the USA for example, to advertise a Qatar phone number and then have calls coming to that number forwarded to their desired location. This can be done with either a local number, a toll free number, or a vanity number. This ‘virtual’ phone number enables businesses to maintain a virtual presence in Qatar without ever setting up a physical location.

At Global Call Forwarding, we also extend a variety of complimentary features with our Qatar call forwarding service. Businesses can easily log in to our cloud based control panel whenever they like to adjust their call forwarding service settings according to their needs.

All businesses need to do is choose a destination for their calls and offer either a local, toll free, or vanity number for their customers or contacts to call. The rest is done in house by a service such as ours.

How Businesses Can Utilize Call Forwarding

Effective and experienced international businesses can vouch for the value of Qatar call forwarding services. Through this unique service, businesses can be reached by any customer on a local level, no matter where they are in Qatar. Call forwarding enables businesses to create a virtual presence in this foreign market, save on the costs of investing in a physical location, and maintain a clear line of communication for contacts and consumers.

Additionally, traveling globally often comes with high calling fees. With international Qatar call forwarding services, businesses can outsource important customer calls to call centers in countries with lower labor costs. Excellent customer service is maintained while costs are kept at a manageable rate, with the help of phone call forwarding.

Call forwarding eliminates expensive roaming charges and takes the confusion out of calling foreign businesses by taking complicated country codes out of the equation. At Global Call Forwarding, we also provide toll free numbers which allow businesses to offer their customers or contacts a free call while establishing themselves as a professional company. The result is mutually beneficial for both callers and businesses.

Qatar’s growing economy offers endless opportunities for businesses. The first step towards maximizing these opportunities is to create a clear path for communication. Qatar call forwarding services simplify communication and make it affordable for both sides of the call.

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