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Canada is one of the wealthiest nations in the world. With an open market and a warm society, it’s a tremendous country to do business in. The high tech Canadian industry attracts global businesses to its shores. Its open trade policy and warm culture make it an ideal market to grow your business.

Thanks for the technological advancements and high living standards in Canada, e-commerce and other online services have been growing at a remarkable rate.

If your company is running an online business in a developed country like Canada, it is critical that you project the right brand image on the market. Customer care and customer support play one of the most vital roles in creating the right brand image. Studies show that customers feel a higher sense of trust when dealing with a local company as compared to a foreign business.

If you are planning to grow your revenue in a country with a mature well-established e-commerce market, these factors will decide the success of your venture. Get a Canada phone number to create the image of a local company.

Here are some highlights of the Canadian economy that make it stand out as a lucrative business destination.

Canadian Economic Landscape and Growth Opportunities

As a technology-driven trillion-dollar industrial society, Canada is very similar to the US in its profit-oriented economic system and high standard of living.

Canada has the 11th largest economy (by GDP nominal) in the world and is a member of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) & Group of Seven (G7). This is a developed country and ranks 9th highest in the Human Development Index as well as 10th highest by per capita income (nominal) globally.

Canada also ranks highly on many other parameters such as quality of life, economic freedom, government transparency, education, and civil liberties. This has resulted in large scale immigration from many countries over the years since Canada offers them a beacon of hope (some Caucasians from South Africa have relocated to Canada, for example). Officially bilingual at the federal level, the country is one of the most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations.

Similar to other leading countries in the world, Canada has a services dominated economy. Canadians account for close to three-quarters of the workforce in the services industry. Other primary industries include logging and the oil sector which Canada is loaded in oil sands. With automobile and aircraft industry growth over the years, the manufacturing sector also makes a substantial contribution to the economy. Geographically covering a long shoreline Canada also has the 8th largest seafood industry in the world.

Canada has turned into an urban and industrial economy thanks to the remarkable growth in the mining, manufacturing, and services sector. The country’s abundant natural reserves and skilled human resources were the driving factors for the phenomenal growth that Canada registered between 1993 and 2007.

Why to Get a Canada Phone Number

If your business has customers, affiliated partners or suppliers in Canada, get a Canada phone number that will connect them with you anywhere in the world. Having a local number is one of the primary business tools to create the right brand image.

Companies looking to expand into Canada in the near future can take advantage of this call forwarding service to kick start business operations in Canada with a relatively low investment.

Get a Canada phone number that is not connected with any fixed line in Canada and allows your business to be reachable for your customers round the clock anywhere on the planet.

Managed through a dashboard in the cloud, this platform offers immense flexibility for you to choose the customer support method of your choice. Calls can be routed to a series of phone numbers simultaneously, in parallel or in serial. You can even obtain a Canada phone number to have calls routed to your offices placed in specific time zones depending on the time of customer call.

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Entering a well-established market like Canada with fierce competition is no easy task. This makes it all the more essential that your brand gives an impression of a large well-established business. Successful companies attest to the fact that the majority of all customers associate toll free numbers with the quality of business product or service. You can choose to get a Canada toll free number for your customers and publicize this toll free number through your marketing campaigns.

A call forwarding service ensures that your business is reachable for your customers round the clock and 365 days of the year. Coupled with advanced service features, call transfer and failover forwarding make it most suitable for managing calls after business hours.

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