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Want to get a France phone number? Global Call Forwarding has the largest selection of France local and toll-free numbers! When you buy a France phone number, you allow customers, prospects, and affiliates in France to easily contact you anywhere in the world. France phone numbers are guaranteed to increase the number of incoming calls to your business.

Calling a US phone number from France can be complicated and also costly. The dialing process is like any other international call: dial 00 (exit code in France), dial 1 (USA country code), local area code and then local phone number. A call to the United States from France can cost more than 10 cents a minute, depending on your phone provider. Most customers do not want to deal with this process nor pay the per-minute cost.

In today’s competitive marketplace, a company should look for every possible advantage. According to International Sales Expert, Grant Cardone, the phone is your most powerful tool when it comes to sales. You cannot afford to lose out on sales because your company isn’t accessible over the phone. When you get a France phone number that forwards calls to the United States, customers in France can easily contact you and the dialing process becomes incredibly simple.

Get France Toll Free Phone Numbers

France toll free numbers allow callers in France to reach a business without paying for the call. When you get a France phone number with call forwarding, the call forwarding service will automatically forward calls to a destination phone number anywhere in the world. This provides significant benefits to users.

When you get a France phone number, your business automatically projects a more professional image. Toll free numbers sound professional and a customer is more likely to do business with an established company. By advertising your France toll free number, your representatives will be able to close more sales.

In addition to sounding professional, a business becomes more scalable when it gets a France phone number from Global Call Forwarding. International call forwarding already allows users to simulate a presence in any country, from anywhere in the world. France toll free numbers enable any company to establish a virtual presence in France.

Global Call Forwarding makes an extra effort to increase a business’ scalability by offering a suite of advanced features. A France toll free number can be utilized with advanced features to work like a sophisticated phone system. Your France toll free number can answer calls for you as a voicemail, record calls for you and even be configured with advanced call forwarding features. France toll free numbers are one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your business.

Get a Local France Phone Number

Research shows that customers are more likely to do business with a local firm. It is beneficial to establish a presence in different cities/regions in France. Local France phone numbers enable businesses to establish their virtual presence in any city/region of France. You increase the chance of customers calling your business when you get a local France phone number.

There are many different cities in France to choose from. Prominent French cities include Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Nice. There are business opportunities and eager customers in each of these cities. A local France phone number will give a business the appearance of being located in either of these cities. Our customer support staff is available to help you determine which local France phone number is right for your business.

Economy of France

France has the third-largest economy in Europe, and the world’s sixth-largest economy. The nominal GDP is $2.46 trillion, and the main industries are chemicals, machinery, automobiles and metallurgy. In addition to being the third-largest economy in Europe, France is ranked highly by the Human Development Index. The people of France are intelligent, sophisticated and ready for your business.

France’s main trading partners include Germany, Belgium and Italy. Top exports are machinery, aircraft, plastics and chemicals. Top imports are machinery, vehicles and crude oil. However, there are opportunities for nearly every industry in France. Your business enters a potentially lucrative marketplace when you get a France toll free number.

Free Trial for France Phone Numbers

We offer a free trial along with your France local or toll free number. We also do not require customers to sign any contracts. Global Call Forwarding uses only top-tier carriers to provide the highest quality service. We are confident in the services we provide and want to help your business succeed.

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