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Are you a non-Canadian entrepreneur who is interested in expanding your business to Canada or launching a new business in Canada? Canada is known for being very welcoming to foreign investors, as well as business immigrants. International business cost studies show that the cost of doing business in Canada ranks among the lowest. For example, the cost of doing business in Canada is approximately 5 percent lower than the costs related to running a business in the United States. Canada has consistently remained one of the best countries for doing business as it is known for being very welcoming and profitable in comparison to all other countries across the globe.

Advantages of Doing Business in Canada

Some of the competitive advantages that are most noteworthy in regards to running a business in Canada include:

  • Strength and stability – Canada has an extremely reliable banking system. For a number of years, the World Economic Forum has rated the banking system in Canada as the healthiest in the world.
  • Highly proficient workforce – Canada has an extremely educated population and manages to attract a large number of the best and brightest from all corners of the world.
  • Industry concentrations – Canada’s aerospace, fiber optics, and biopharmaceutical industries have been consistently recognized for leadership. The nation also leads in other sectors, such as medical devices, digital gaming, and agri-food.
  • Strong location – Canada is located at what is the “crossroads” between the North American market and the strong economies of Asia.
  • Overall lifestyle – Canada is well known for cleanliness and tranquility and is generally known to be a magnificent place to work, live, and raise a family.

Additional Benefits to Operating a Business in Canada

In addition to all of the above-mentioned strengths, Canada also offers businesses extremely well-worth-it R&D tax credits and other incentives. Also, the nation’s attractive environment for research is reinforced by policies that inspire and embolden innovation, such as adequate protection for intellectual property, a high level of openness to high-skill immigration, government practices that offer transparency, and an environment of open competition in the domestic market in relation to the distribution of communication technologies, platforms, and digital information as a whole.

For anyone who is interested in learning more in regard to doing business in Canada, one of the finest resources is the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service website. Any visitor to the website can head to the section that lists individual cities, provinces, and territories and then select the area they are interested in to gather more detailed information on conducting business there. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service website also offers an abundance of information related to various industries in Canada.

Two of the first decisions a business owner must make when interested in expanding to Canada or when establishing a business in Canada are related to communication within the nation and which type of business to form. For establishing communication, you may be looking into how to get a Canadian phone number as it will be one of the most important items of information for the business.

Types of businesses that can be formed include sole proprietorships, cooperatives, partnerships, joint ventures, corporations, and franchises. The majority of foreign companies end up operating as corporations. A business owner will also need to decide whether to operate as a subsidiary or a brand and whether to incorporate federally or provincially. If the business owner decides to incorporate federally, there is a level of encouragement to then conduct business throughout all of Canada.

Getting a Canadian Phone Number

For a business to begin contacting the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service and gaining access to many other important resources for information, as well as the hiring of staff, and more, it is a necessity to have conversations by telephone. Again, in this case, you may be wondering how to get a Canadian phone number. If so, when working with the right provider, it is extremely simple to do. The purchase and use of Canadian phone numbers can greatly bring ease and expedite the process of starting to do business in Canada. You can purchase Canadian phone numbers and use these phone numbers to allow for incoming calls during the research and initial launch process as well as after the business is up, running, and well-established.

If you are marketing to a new market of customers and clients, Canadian phone numbers can be added to the company website to announce the launch or expansion of the business in Canada and this can also allow for your new client base to reach the business without having to pay for any phone calls. There is great value in allowing your contacts to reach you via Canadian business phone numbers versus only offering online chat or email communication. Communication in-person or a phone call with a live person still holds a great deal of value as far as establishing trust and growing brand loyalty. So, when contemplating how to get a Canadian phone number, know that Canadian phone numbers are an asset for anyone wishing to conduct business in the nation.

Global Call Forwarding has been providing Canadian phone numbers and phone numbers for many other nations across the globe for over two decades. Call a global communications specialist from Global Call Forwarding today, to discuss the process that is involved in obtaining your own Canadian phone numbers for your business.

F A Q | Canadian Phone Number

Virtual Canadian phone numbers enable users to make and receive business calls via the internet instead of traditional phone lines. Use international call forwarding to route calls from one location to another and remain accessible no matter where you are.

No, you, your business, or employees can be located anywhere in the world and still utilize the Canadian virtual phone number. This is because these numbers transmit calls virtually and calls are forwarded to whichever location you desire.

Global Call Forwarding offers Canadian phone numbers—among other local, toll free, and international numbers. You can browse through our inventory online and find the right number for your business needs.

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