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Whether you own a local business enterprise in Canada or are seeking to open one in the country, Canada toll free numbers are one of the best ways to establish yourself locally. If you’re wondering how to get a Canada phone number, we can help.

At Global Call Forwarding, we help forward calls from Canada to anywhere in the world. We use cutting-edge technology to provide local and toll free Canada phone numbers to benefit you and your customers. We believe your customers shouldn’t have to pay high fees to contact you, and you shouldn’t miss out on potential sales because of a lack of local presence. Our high-quality Canada toll free numbers are the solution to both challenges.

Local & Toll Free Canada Numbers

Rather than dialing a complex set of international numbers, our local and toll free Canada numbers allow your customers to quickly and easily call you. Our numbers are familiar to Canadian residents and never cost them a cent. Your subscription to our services sets your business apart and gives you a competitive edge in the local marketplace.

The beauty of using Global Call Forwarding is our endless selection of toll free numbers. For anyone wondering how to get a Canada phone number, we provide countless numbers to choose from all in one convenient location. Instead of searching for several different providers to make your business ‘local’ all you have to do is use our services.

We forward all calls to the number of your choosing, no matter where you are located. We simplify telecommunications between businesses large and small and their prospective customers through industry-leading technology.

No more leaving your customers behind because they don’t want to pay expensive call fees, and no more missed opportunities for your business. Whether you’re importing crude oil, heavy machinery, or simply trying to establish a retail business, our local and toll free numbers afford you the chance to tap into a completely new market.

Why You Need Canada Phone Numbers

Essentially, all businesses must offer their customers clear and instant communication. One of the greatest complaints consumers have is failing to reach a real human with questions about a business’ service or products. That doesn’t have to be your company. You can provide your customers better customer service and quick access to you and your team with a toll free or virtual Canada number.

Canada is becoming one of the world’s biggest exporters, which means you don’t want to miss the chance to position your company as a leader in the country. It is no secret that consumers and businesses trust companies in their own country more than overseas based organizations. The familiarity of a local number gives them peace of mind knowing you have, at the very least, a local presence in their country. Conversely, toll free numbers enable customers in Canada to call you without paying astronomical international calling fees.

Our selection of Canada toll free numbers and local numbers helps you connect with an untapped market and establish a presence where you previously had none.

Advanced Features We Provide for Canada Phone Numbers

One of our strongest features at Global Call Forwarding, is our selection of advanced features and customized services. We take a customized approach to our work as a global call forwarding leader, which is why we extend comprehensive and industry-leading technological services to our customers.

When you choose our Canada toll free numbers, you can enjoy a variety of our services including the following.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)—callers calling your number can get the information they seek from an automated system set up by us. This system can be a guide for your customers and direct calls coming to your Canada phone number to the correct extension line.

Call Recording—Improving your customer service, taking stock of quality control and liability, begins with recording inbound calls to your Canada toll free numbers. This is service you don’t want to go without.

Advanced Call Forwarding—link whatever phone you choose to your toll free numbers to never miss a call. Whether you’re travelling and need your office number to ring you directly or if you prefer to use several devices as your business phone, our advance call forwarding feature can help.

Cities in Canada We Service

One other area you’re likely concerned with is the cities and locales we serve in Canada. We have one of the largest databases and service areas of any telecoms provider. We provide service to cities and provinces in Canada including:

  • Toronto
  • Quebec
  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Nova Scotia
  • Montreal
  • Winnipeg
  • Victoria
  • And many more

To see more cities and territories we serve, check out our rates page.

Stop wondering how to get a Canada phone number and explore how you can expand your business with local or Canada toll free numbers via Global Call Forwarding.

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