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With Italy being one of the seven most industrialized countries in the world, it’s no wonder that companies are dying to do business there. Italy’s economy is among the world’s broadest. It encompasses a wide range of different industries and has a particular influence on electronics, fashion, cars, and machinery. With all of these opportunities, it makes sense to reach out to potential Italian clients. But how can you make it easy for them to reach out to you? It’s easy; all you need is Italy international call forwarding.

How your Business can Benefit From Italy International Call Forwarding

One way to facilitate your expansion into Italian commerce is by subscribing to an Italy call international forwarding service. Italy call international forwarding provides you and your customers with virtual phone numbers.

These are numbers which are not anchored to a specific phone. This allows you to change the destination number whenever you wish to. With Italy international call forwarding from Global Call Forwarding, you can subscribe to a city-specific local virtual number or you can get toll-free virtual numbers. The numbers look exactly like any other Italian phone numbers. The difference is, calls made to virtual numbers are redirected to the destination phone of your choice using your Italy international call forwarding service. For example, you could obtain a virtual number for Milan, Italy and set it up so that calls are forwarded to your office in Dallas. For callers living in Milan, the virtual phone number appears to be a local number. Furthermore, they won’t incur expensive international calling costs.

You can also use call forwarding to make direct calls from U.S. cities to Italy. For example, you can subscribe to any available virtual number anywhere in the U.S. and have the call forwarded to a landline or mobile number in Milan, or a different Italian city.

Business Protocol in Italy

When you start expanding your company’s reach into Italy, you’ll notice that the nation has only a small number of large businesses, some of which are privately owned, while the others are state-owned. The majority of businesses – more than 3 million – are small to medium-sized partnerships of family-based companies.

The Italian government plays a role in providing incentives for investment opportunities, as do provincial and regional authorities, especially in the southern regions, where the industry is not as widespread as in the north. Overseas investors are permitted the same business incentives as locals, making it a highly attractive place for commerce. Some of these incentives include tax credits, cash grants, and subsidized loans.

Italian Business Mentality

Forging close relationships is a very important part of Italian business culture. This is why you need to be in touch with well-connected people who can connect you with the right people and networks. When you start networking in Italy, you should always make sure that you are projecting a very genuine demeanor and image for your company. Italian culture places great emphasis on this, and it is a great way to ensure your counterparts will respect and trust you.

While doing business in Italy, expressing differing opinions and offering constructive criticism is common. If you bear this in mind, before long, you will have a broad network of international colleagues, and you will be able to begin expanding your client base throughout the nation.

Benefits of Italy Call International Forwarding

There are several ways you can take advantage of virtual numbers in Italy, such as:

  • Building a local Italian presence for your company: If you wish to serve Italian customers, having a virtual Italian phone number will make it appear as though your business has an office in that nation. It also provides a cost-effective and efficient way for your customers to contact you.
  • Create a professional business persona: Although you don’t have a physical presence in Italy, virtual Italy international call forwarding can give your company’s image a big boost. For example, imagine how beneficial it would be if you are a wine merchant with a virtual phone number in Tuscany.
  • Make affordable international calls while you’re in Italy: Perhaps you are taking a business trip or an extended vacation in Italy. With a virtual phone number, you can make inexpensive international calls to the U.S. This saves you time and money, so you won’t have to deal with your hotel’s long-distance calling rates or having to use an international calling card. Instead, you can simply change the destination phone number to the one you wish to call then use your Italian virtual number with Italian call forwarding.
  • Set up a user-friendly way for Italians to contact you: If you need to interact with Italian business colleagues, friends or family members, virtual phone numbers are a convenient way to maintain international communications. Giving your Italian contacts a toll-free or local number to reach you on allows them fewer obstacles when calling you.

At Global Call Forwarding we can provide you with access to thousands of local and toll-free virtual phone numbers throughout the United States and worldwide. Contact us today to find out more about our services and get a free trial.

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