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qatar international call forwarding

Open communication is critical if you want your business to expand in a foreign country. Qatar international call forwarding provides businesses with an opportunity to firmly establish a virtual presence in Qatar. Global Call Forwarding’s service also helps companies provide complete customer satisfaction.

Whenever you are planning on setting up a business in a new country, it is critical for you to understand its economy as well as the opportunities that it offers. According to the laws in Qatar, if foreign companies want to set up their business, they will have to appoint a sponsor or a service agent in Qatar.

The most common way to do business in this country is by establishing a Limited Liability Company. If a foreign company is the main player in the joint venture, they can earn approximately 80 percent of the profits as per the new business laws in Qatar. Here is what the economy in Qatar looks like at present:

Economy of Qatar

With an estimated GDP of $319.8 billion, Qatar was the richest country in the world in 2015. The two main contributors to the economy of this country are liquefied natural gas and petroleum, which account for over 60 percent of its GDP.

Qatar was significantly affected by the drop in global oil prices at the beginning of 2016. So much so, that Qatar suffered its first budget deficit in almost two decades – approximately 3 percent of its GDP. This is why economic diversification is one of the long term goals of this Gulf country.

Recent years have seen growth in Qatar’s non-oil sectors such as construction, manufacturing, and financial services. Ever since Qatar won the 2022 FIFA World Cup bid, there has been a rise in large-scale infrastructure projects. Construction is already underway for a new port, stadiums, roads, metro system, and other sports-related structures. If all works out as is planned, you will be able to attend three matches, all in one day, at the first World Cup in the Middle East.

BMI research is reporting that all is not lost with respect to the oil industry. Although the Qatar government has predicted two to three more years of budget deficits, the economy may just bounce back in 2017. This is due to the fact that global oil prices are expected to rise in 2017, according to the BMI research report.

Inner Workings of Qatar International Call Forwarding

As one of the Gulf countries with the lowest employment rates, Qatar offers plenty of business opportunities. Do you need to keep in touch with your Qatar consumer base, while your headquarters are across the world? Global Call Forwarding has a solution – Qatar international call forwarding helps businesses establish their presence in Qatar.

How does Qatar international call forwarding work? When you buy a Qatar virtual phone number, you become instantly accessible to anybody in Qatar with a phone. Phone calls to your number that originate in Qatar get connect to our network, and our intelligent system forwards the phone calls to your destination of choice, anywhere in the world. For example, suppose you have a call center stationed in India. Clients in Qatar can dial your Qatar virtual phone number, at a local calling cost, and the phone call will automatically get forwarded to the India call center.

The best thing about using these services is that the customers can dial a familiar phone number at a local calling cost and get their queries or issues sorted out. So your customers are happy that they do not have to pay international call charges, and they are none the wiser that their calls are actually routed to a different location across the world.

Benefits of Qatar International Call Forwarding

Qatar international call forwarding will deliver numerous benefits to your company. A wide variety of businesses use a call forwarding service to keep in touch with customers. An accessible company will ensure customer satisfaction. Some of the benefits of using Global Call Forwarding include:

Increase Brand Presence

Since these calls are routed to different locations in the world, staff will be available to answer customer calls. We provide various features like time-of-day routing, which allows you to forward phone calls to different numbers at different times and days. Therefore, your customers will not be irritated by impersonal voicemails anymore. However, intelligent voicemail is an included feature with your Qatar international call forwarding number.

No More Voicemails

Saudi Arabia virtual toll free numbers offers you more mobility than the normal telephone numbers. You no longer have to stay behind the desk, waiting for that important phone call. With the help of this cloud-based virtual system, calls can now be routed instantly to your cell phone no matter where you are. You can now go to that marketing show, visit customers, or tend to employees in the field, and still be connected to your business. Handy, isn’t it?

Available Any Time

Qatar international call forwarding also increases the mobility of your workers. For example, if you are on traveling overseas for business or are stepping out of your office for a couple of minutes, this service sees to it that you do not miss any critical calls. This is done by forwarding phone calls to your cell phone.

With the help of Global Call Forwarding’s Qatar service, you can establish a business presence in Qatar.

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