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Saudi Arabia is the second-largest among all the Arab nations and is also the most stable of all – politically, socially, as well as economically. It is the center of trade and business for a host of companies and businesses – small, medium and large – from all over the world. The country is a hub of economic activities revolving around the oil industry.

This humongous business opportunity has continued to attract droves of people from all across the world in search of jobs and better living conditions. This has made Saudi Arabia a land of expatriates. In fact the percentage of expatriate male and female in the workforce of the country is more than 60%. These people can earn very high salaries in comparison to their home countries.

However, life is not about earning money only. After a hard day’s work, a longing for hearing the voices of your near and dear ones must creep into you. You need to liberate your emotions. Alas, this is not always possible because of the high charge of international calling. However, Saudi Arabia international call forwarding can make this easy.

Saudi Arabia Local Numbers for Expatriates

Whether you are an expatriate worker or a small business owner in Saudi you can benefit from international call forwarding. You just need to get a local or toll free Saudi Arabia phone number from Global Call Forwarding. Once you sign up with this service you will be provided with a virtual Saudi Arabia number.

When somebody dials this number the free call would be forwarded to the registered mobile or landline number in your home country. You will not have to dish out wads of money as these calls will incur local rates. You can now easily keep in touch with your near and dear ones in your home country with this international call forwarding number.

Saudi Arabia International Call Forwarding for Customers

There are many businesses around the world that serve various needs of those living in Saudi. The country imports cereals, machinery, vehicles, electronic equipment, steel products, gems, precious stones and jewelry, pharmaceuticals, and many other items. They have the money to do this because of all that oil.

There are many small businesses that export goods to meet the growing needs of the population in Saudi Arabia. Like every other business and particularly small businesses, these organizations need to maintain a good rapport with their customer base in Saudi Arabia. They need to pay attention to customer satisfaction and render prompt redressal of their grievance.

However, in most cases it is not feasible to advertise an international phone number. It is not only expensive; but also does not offer a personal touch to the communication. With the Saudi Arabia international call forwarding system for your business, you can circumvent these problems.

When a customer based in Saudi Arabia calls this number, his free call will be redirected to the phone number in your home country that you have registered with the service. However, like you may have already guessed the customer will be dialing a local Saudi Arabia number. Any calls made to the number will cost your customer only local call rates, and also offer a personal touch to the communication that is very crucial to small businesses.

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Saudi Arabia Telephone System

Telephone numbers in Saudi are of 7 digits preceded by area codes which range from 011 to 017. When you register for our Saudi Arabia international call forwarding service you will have to select one of these area codes. Customers from this area of Saudi Arabia will be able to call you at Saudi local call rates.

The Economy of Saudi Arabia

There are a number of big oil companies in the country which are engaged in oil extraction, refining, and export. These big businesses always need the backing of support industries. So there are several small industries thriving that offer various kinds of services to these big businesses either through the supply of specific products or through servicing of equipment, oil fields, providing raw material, etc.

There are also many small businesses and shops which have grown around these activities and are engaged in serving the human resource engaged in serving these big and small industries. It must also be acknowledged that the inhabitants of Saudi Arabia are financially quite well-off compared to citizens of many other countries, and there are many small businesses flourishing like shops and other services that cater to their demands.

Apart from having the second-largest oil reserve in the world, the country also boasts of being the sixth-largest gas reserve in the world. This continues to make it a preferred destination for exporters as well as workers. But Saudi Arabia is losing money every month since their system depends on oil being at $110 a barrel.

So gear up, contact us today and establish your footprint in Saudi Arabia at the cost of local calls through Saudi Arabia international call forwarding. We will provide you the best Saudi Arabia international call forwarding packages at rather affordable rates.

Greener pastures are ahead.

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