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us international call forwarding
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The United States is one of the most lucrative countries for trade. Businesses will use a US international call forwarding service to establish a virtual presence in the United States.

Entrepreneurs from countries and regions aim to establish their business in the US. Technically, it is the most advanced country in the world and a true superpower.

With a per capita GDP of $54,800 and overall GDP of $18.56 trillion in 2016, the US is beyond doubt, one of the most lucrative countries for trade. A country with incredible potential, business in America is ready to boom.

Foreign businesses with a presence in the United States will use international call forwarding to redirect free calls from the US to an international destination. Calls from the US can be forwarded internationally to a virtual call center, mobile phones, voicemail, etc. The options are limitless.

Business Opportunities in the United States

The USA is the frontrunner among the most technically advanced economies in the world. The United States stands as the IT hub of the world to this date. With a fully developed infrastructure for trade, the US offers tremendous opportunities for business expansion.

From forestry, fisheries, and farming to the manufacturing sector, the country is replete with immense opportunities. In addition, the managerial and technical departments of the country are in good shape and flourishing. Insurance companies, IT firms, freelancers, and retailers have a decent opportunity to expand their business in this country of opportunities.

The US has a population of more than 320 million people, which makes it one of the best markets for foreign services. US international call forwarding enables businesses to provide a local or toll free number and appeal to the millions of consumers in the United States.

What is a US International Call Forwarding Number?

International call forwarding numbers are identical to local or toll free numbers. They start with the toll free prefix or local area code, and are followed by seven digits. For example, a US international call forwarding number will look like +1 (800) XXX-XXXX.

There are fifty states and thousands of cities in the USA. Each one has a different telephone code. Global Call Forwarding provides phone numbers with the corresponding telephone codes, which can forward incoming calls from the US internationally.

US international call forwarding numbers can be forwarded to any desired number, be it a mobile or landline or even a virtual call center. This paves the way for you to establish a sophisticated and seamless virtual phone system in the United States.

How Does a US International Call Forwarding Service Work?

Forwarding calls internationally from the United States is based on online call forwarding and VOIP. Calls come in through a local telephone network, and Global Call Forwarding’s advanced proprietary system will automatically redirect the incoming calls to a destination anywhere in the world.

You can still set up a local or toll free number for US-based customers to call, despite the fact that you may never have visited the country in the first place. When customers call on the number, they will be charged as per the local rates. This call can be forwarded to any desired number or can be routed to virtual call centers located in another country.

Benefits of US International Call Forwarding

Here are some benefits of a US International call forwarding service:

  • Low call rates: Calls to a US number are treated as “free” local calls. Customers don’t have to pay to call your business.
  • Advanced technical features: Advanced voice response, virtual PBX, time-of-day routing, and call center ring sequences are some of the best features. You can configure your US international call forwarding service to act as a virtual phone system in the US.
  • Credibility: Create a favorable business ambience and ensure a strong presence and foothold in any country. You can add credibility and sophistication to your international business.

The US offers limitless opportunities to global companies. If you wish to further the scope and dimensions of your business, US international call forwarding will complement your efforts and solidify the local presence of your company. Start a free trial today!


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